How to Introduce Color to Your Wardrobe

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Over the past month or so, I’ve found myself wearing a lot of black and grey tones. I’m not opposed to an all-black look on occasion, but I have noticed that it plays a part in my mood for the day. If you notice your mood could use a little boost and your wardrobe is 50 shades of gray, this post will help you elevate your outfits. The tips below will share with you ways to incorporate color into your outfits regardless of the season.

Tips for Adding color to your wardrobe

Amuse Society top | Zara pants | Steve Madden shoes | Topshop bag | Quay Australia sunglasses

5 Easy Ways to Add Color to Your Wardrobe

  1. Find a colorful bag.

If you’re a creature of habit and gravitate towards greyscale shades, the idea of wearing bright colors can be a little intimidating. I get it. You don’t want to jump right in because not only is it out of your comfort zone, but it can also feel a bit like wearing a costume if you don’t feel like yourself.

The best way to combat that fear without overwhelming yourself is to start small with an accessory. Handbags are the perfect introductory accessory because they complete an outfit, but they’re not an essential component of the outfit. Handbags can be removed as necessary, so don’t be afraid to experiment in this area! Instead of reaching for a black bag, try a fun color like red or blue! I opted for a yellow bag from Topshop because the design caught my eye and the color evokes a happy, positive mood.

  1. Pick out a bold shoe.

I know how easy it is to fall into the trap of owning nothing but black shoes. Admittedly, many of my shoes are black. Even though they all have varying details to add interest to the shoes, the colors are mostly black. We have a tendency to shop for black and brown shoes because they are practical and versatile. It isn’t necessary to toss all of your black shoes out, but, aim to have at least one pair of bold, colorful shoes in your closet.

The act of styling colorful shoes is not as difficult as you may think, especially if you have a very neutral wardrobe. Start out with a basic black and white outfit paired with a colorful shoe to test the waters. If you want to double up on color, you can try matching your shoes with a colorful bag as I did.

Tips for Adding color to your wardrobe


  1. Shop for light, pastel colors.

Adding color to your wardrobe doesn’t necessarily mean you have to shop for only bright tones. If the idea of wearing neon gives you pause, don’t let that deter you from wearing color. Instead, introduce pastel shades like lilac, lavender, and mint to your closet. Pastel colors break up the monotony within your existing wardrobe without drawing an inordinate amount of attention to the change.

  1. Introduce color through patterns.

It’s safe to say that I’m a lover of prints, patterns, and textures. If you also love to wear different prints, use that preference as an opportunity to search for patterns with a touch of color. Instead of a black and white patterned shirt, reach for the option with a third color incorporated in the print.

Tips for Adding color to your wardrobe

  1. Start with a monochromatic foundation.

Funnily enough, the last tip I have when it comes to adding color to your wardrobe is to start with a monochromatic foundation. What I mean by that is, don’t overdo it or overthink it. Introducing color to your wardrobe can be easy when you use the greyscale as your base. An all-white outfit or an all-black outfit can be elevated and brought to life by adding a layer of color. Instead of starting with the colorful piece in mind, create your base outfit and then add the pop as the final touch.

Tips for Adding color to your wardrobe

What tips do you have for adding color to your wardrobe?

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