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abh-master-palette-by-marioDoes anyone else shop in familiar stores when they’re on vacation? I love checking out local spots, but I’m still like a kid in a candy store when I spot a familiar store like Nordstrom or Sephora in a city I’m visiting. It may seem weird, but my logic is they may carry different products than my usual location. This is particularly true for Nordstrom’s Topshop selection based on my experience, but today we’re focusing on Sephora. The Sephora in Hawaii’s Ala Moana mall was so beautiful! It was much larger than my local store and carried a plethora of Asian skincare products.

The one thing that caught my eye (not at all skincare related) was the Master Palette by Mario from Anastasia Beverly Hills. When I left for vacation, my local Sephora didn’t have this item on shelves so I didn’t want to risk getting back and it still being out of stock. Even though I just purchased my one palette for the fall season, my sister and I both agreed that I couldn’t pass on their newest collaboration. I’m all about neutral shades and earth tones when it comes to my eyeshadow. I’m well past the stage of loving a colorful eye and have instead comfortably landed in the “anything gold or brown please” stage. I love the shades so much that I wanted to share swatches with you all before I started playing around a little too much with the palette.



The Swatches

Above are the swatches of the full palette, split by top and bottom row. As you can see, literally all of the shades in the palette are gorgeous jewel-toned colors. It comes with 12 shadows, 3 of which are matte and the other 9 are more of a metallic finish. I usually like palettes that have more matte shades, but the fact that I would wear every shade totally makes up for it. If you’re someone who loves to wear jewel tones and earthy shades, you have to stop by your local Sephora and purchase the Master Palette by Mario. It’s truly stunning in person, pictures don’t do it justice.

The First Impression

I just cracked it open and wore the eyeshadows today, but I can already tell which shades will be used in heavy rotation for daily looks. Kim, Muse, Lula, Isabel, 5th Ave and Violeta are all various neutral and gold shades that will quickly make my favorites list. What I love most about this palette is how it almost seems geared towards women of color. This palette will look beautiful on brown skin because of all the jewel tones. I’m happy to go into a more comprehensive review of the Master by Mario and Modern Renaissance palettes, but I’ll just say that the better one depends on your preference.

I’m happy to go into a more comprehensive review of the Master by Mario and Modern Renaissance palettes, but I’ll just say that the better one depends on your preference. Modern Renaissance experiments with color a little more, having a handful of pink and red shades. It also has more matte colors to choose from and as a whole leans on the cooler side. The Master Palette by Mario is more rich and warm, perfect for sultry fall looks.


Have you purchased any Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow palettes?

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