What to Wear to Brunch | 3 Classic Outfit Combinations

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Your friends want to get together and catch up. What’s the go-to move? Typically, it’s either drinks for an evening get together or brunch for a daytime outing. What is it about sitting down with friends or family and conversing over food that we love so much? I can’t remember where I heard the explanation, but I believe one of the podcasts I listen to mentioned it’s due to the intimacy of it all. Who doesn’t love to break bread with their loved ones? After a stormy weekend, I met up with two friends for brunch at The General Public here in San Antonio and realized I never discussed brunch style!

When it comes to brunch, there’s often a question of what to wear. For some reason, there’s a very different vibe when someone asks to grab coffee versus go to brunch. Below are a few tips and go-to brunch outfit ideas to help you figure out what to wear.

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How to Put Together the Perfect Brunch Outfit

Unless it’s a brunch party with a large gathering of people playing music and dancing, brunches are typically casual, relaxed, and comfortable. The vibe is chill, the venue is often outdoors, and the weather is beautiful. As such, your outfit should reflect the environment you’re in. There are three different outfits to keep in your brunch rotation, all of which you likely already own! (We’re all about maximizing what you have before purchasing something new!)

  • A day dress—either maxi or mini
  • A nice top (typically paired with denim)
  • Flowy pants with a cotton tee

what to wear to brunch

Outfit Details: ASOS dress | ZARA jacket | Sam Edelman sandals

3 Outfits to Wear to Brunch

how to style a brunch outfit

1. The Day Dress

Casual dresses deserve far more credit than they receive when it comes to being the go-to option for many daytime occasions. The maxi dress I wore is from ASOS, paired with a cropped denim jacket from Zara. I would typically prefer wedges to dress the brunch look up even more, but I opted for nude sandals since I didn’t want to wear heels in the potentially rainy weather.

The challenge many people face when it comes to finding the perfect dress is simply not knowing where to shop! I asked on Instagram which stores are your go-to for dresses, and you all provided several options! Forever 21, ASOS, Anthropologie, Free People, the list goes on! If you haven’t found your perfect dress shop yet, below is a curated selection from the stores mentioned to help get you started.

How to Style the Brunch Dress
  • Pair a fitted t-shirt maxi dress with jeweled sandals or a casual ankle boot and a floppy hat.
  • A printed maxi dress, particularly in strapless or halter form, looks super chic when styled with a sleek top bun and wedges.
  • Short daytime dresses also look brunch ready when styled with a pair of wedges and loose waves or natural curls. Add a fun hair accessory to bring even more life to your outfit.

brunch outfit ideas asos maxi dress

2. The Nice Top Combo

Every girl on earth has responded with “jeans and a nice top” when asked what you were wearing. The funny thing is, that response is so vague yet we all know what we mean when we say it. For brunch, jeans (or denim shorts) and a nice top are perfect because your outfit is the epitome of casually cute. Leave the cotton t-shirts at home and grab a pretty blouse instead.

The outfit I shared on Instagram recently is a great brunch-approved example, but below are a few styling tips and selections you can wear to brunch that will give you the same effect.

How to Style a Nice Top for Brunch
  • Off-the-shoulder tops require zero effort yet give off the impression of thoughtfully putting together an outfit. Pair your favorite off the shoulder top with high-waisted denim shorts. This style of top is flattering on everyone, so show off those shoulders and pull your hair back! Add a statement earring like large hoops or drop-style earrings that hit just above your shoulders.
  • If you’d rather keep your legs covered, pair skinny jeans with a printed blouse. To balance out the look, leave your shoulders bare and opt for a sleeveless or strapless blouse.
  • A classic white button-up tucked into a pair of shorts is a great combination if you aren’t into bright colors or busy prints. Add a floppy hat or straw bag to keep the look brunch-ready.

what to wear to brunch

3. The Brunch Pants

What are brunch pants? They’re flowy, they’re wide-leg, and they’re oftentimes in a bright color. Wide-leg pants and maxi skirts are good options for brunch because they’re breathable pieces that are typically made from lightweight fabrics. The goal is to be comfortable, and nothing feels as freeing as letting your legs roam free.

How to Style Brunch Pants:
  • Keep it simple and wear your favorite cotton tee with a solid pair of wide-leg pants. If you love heels, opt for a single-sole sandal with a mid-heel that’s in a neutral shade.
  • For printed pants, the key is to wear a complementary color on top. Pick one of the accent shades within the print and wear a fitted bodysuit of the same tone. This will keep the look cohesive.
  • If you aren’t confident in your pairing skills, stick with a jumpsuit! It will give you the brunch pants effect without having to worry about styling the perfect top with the outfit.

Remember, regardless of which outfit combination you choose, you want to look put together while still being comfortable. The last thing you want to wear while eating is something that will leave you feeling bloated and uncomfortable.

What’s your go-to brunch outfit?

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