The Must-Have Hair Accessories for Your Low Maintenance Styles

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We talked about spring style a few weeks ago, but what about spring beauty? How are you styling your hair these days? If you’re like me, you probably have 1-3 go-to styles that are all low-maintenance. There are two main reasons why I prefer low-maintenance, out of my face hairstyles these days:

  1. I desperately need a curly cut so my hair has shape and loses the dead ends.
  2. Time is of the essence! I prefer hairstyles that I can do in 15 minutes or less.

Here’s the thing: Those quick and easy hairstyles can feel repetitive after a while. Sometimes, you want to switch it up! Add a little flair! Well, today’s post will show you how hair accessories will boost your go-to looks. The best part is, all of the accessories I recommend are super easy to incorporate into your existing styles. If you still want low-maintenance hairstyles, this post has you covered.

how to wear hair scrunchies

The Top 5 Hair Accessories to Try

1. Head Wraps

Head wraps are fun hair accessories to add to the two most basic styles: a top bun (messy or contained) and loose waves. A head wrap can stretch your hair a few extra days because the oiliest part of your hair will be covered. If you’re in between wash days and your hair feels a little too greasy for your liking, don’t fret! You can still wear your hair down–just throw a wrap on as a headband. I did this over the weekend and loved being able to wear my hair down without having my edges snatched.

Alternately, head wraps can also be worn with top buns, as shown in today’s post! I normally love my curly messy bun, but that won’t stop me from throwing my straightened hair up. Adding the head wrap to the look ties the whole outfit together.

how to wear a head wrap

2. Hair Clips

Hair clips feel so nostalgic, don’t they? Back in middle school, we used to wear twist all of our hair back and pop it in a clip to keep it all in one place. Nowadays, you can add hair clips to your look by pulling the top half of your hair back and securing it with a clip. This style mimics a half-up-half-down hairstyle but can be done in a few minutes.

With unstyled hair, I simply pulled the front half of my hair back and clipped it in place. To tame the flyaways and keep the pinned hair smooth, be sure to rub a styling product like gel or hair lotion across your scalp.

sincerely jules x scunci hair accessories

3. Scarves

When I think of scarves as hair accessories, I immediately think of wrapping my hair and going to bed. Well, scarves aren’t just for bedtime! They also make a statement in the daytime if you know how to wear them! If you want to add scarves to your hair arsenal, I recommend picking up a lightweight summer scarf with a fun pattern.

As for how to style them, brush your hair back into a ponytail and wrap the scarf around the base of the ponytail. You can tie the scarf in a bow or leave the tails hanging on either side of your ponytail as I did. The same style also works if you turn your ponytail into a low, messy bun!

how to wear scarves in your hair

4. Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are such a necessity, so why not pick up a few cute options? Sincerely Jules offers a few pretty styles with her Scunci collaboration, but you can even find decorative bobby pins at your local beauty supply store. You can style them as you would your average bobby pins so they are both functional and stylish, or you can use them purely for decoration. My favorite way to style hairpins is by adding them to a side braid style for a little extra flair.

5. Scrunchies

Last but not least are scrunchies. Admittedly, scrunchies are hair accessories that can be a bit challenging to style as an adult. I used to love them with sock buns back when I was in middle school, but they have since made a comeback. So, how can you add scrunchies to your hairstyles? I would recommend keeping this hair accessory on standby for those lazy days. Scrunchies are super casual and a great way to quickly toss your hair up when you’re out and about.

hair accessories styling tips

Similar to scarves, scrunchies can also add flair to your ponytails! Personally, I actually like them as arm candy. I always like to have a hair tie readily available, so replacing a hair tie on my wrist with a scrunchie is a fun twist.

Ready to build your own collection? Shop the hair accessories I picked up below:

Which hair accessories do you plan on trying?

hair accessories styling tips

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