The Top Boot Trends to Wear this Fall

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Happy Tuesday! It feels like only yesterday I was talking about my boot picks for the season. While Spring has become my favorite fashion season, I look forward to the influx of boots every fall. In fact, talking about fall boot trends is one post guaranteed to make a resurgence at least once a year here on the site. Why? Because I love boots! They’re my favorite heel to wear and they can totally transform an outfit. So, what are my boot picks for this year? Keep reading to find out!

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The 3 Boot Styles to Shop this Season

Knee-High Boots

Riding boots and knee-high boots are slowly inching their way back into our hearts. Much like all fashion trends, we tend to sway from one extreme to the other before finally leveling out. After a few seasons of short ankle boots and OTK/thigh-high styles, tall boots that fall just below the knee have returned. Opt for a classic cognac shade if this is a style you want to invest in or pick a trendy snake print if you plan on using this season as a trial run. For help with styling snake print boots, be sure to check out my ‘how to style’ video!

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Croc Print Boots

Of the three boot trends mentioned in today’s post, the crocodile print trend is by far my favorite. This option is perfect for those of us who like boots with a little detail on them. Are smooth black boots too plain for you? Add a pop by shopping for this textured style. What’s great about this trend is the longevity. While it is popping up everywhere this season, the trend isn’t one that looks like a moment in time. Pick up a pair of crocodile boots and you can still wear them years from now without looking dated if you pick a traditional silohuette.

allsaints leather jacket fall outfit idea

Lace-Up Boots

If the previously mentioned boot styles aren’t your cup of tea, lace-up boots are back on the scene. Boots with laces tend to take on an edgier look, so you can balance out your fall outfits by pairing lace-up boots with free-flowing fabrics. The heel and platform options vary greatly this season, which means you can find the perfect lace-up boot to fit your personal style. To incorporate the trend with a classic shape, shop around for a flat, neutral boot. If you’d like to venture into the trendier side, the 90s grunge look is perfect for you! A platform lace-up boot with a chunky heel will help you channel your inner 90s grunge persona with ease!

Which boot trends are you eyeing this season?

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