These 5 Fall Trends Will Elevate Your Outfits

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We’re officially in Fall and it’s time to talk about fall trends! I’d say it feels like it took forever, but it actually came up pretty fast once August ended. If you’re like me, all of the fashion month content has likely been holding your attention and causing you to lose track of time. Either way, yesterday was the first official day of fall and I for one couldn’t be happier!

I’ve spent the past few weekends flipping through fashion magazines for style inspiration and there are a few trends I’ve noticed pretty consistently throughout my research. Some of these trends you may already know and own, while others are a bit fresh and new. There are certainly more fall trends then the 5 I selected, but I picked these because they all can be incorporated into your existing wardrobe. These trends are for the fashion lovers who like simplicity and just want to add a little flair to their basics.

fall inspired outfit idea

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5 Fall Trends to Transform your Basics into Looks

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Animal Print

If there’s one thing you can count on in the fall, it’s the return of leopard print. In my eyes, leopard print in the fall is like floral print in the spring–a perfect match! Leopard print is timeless so I always like to toss it into my basic outfits, especially with shoes. There’s a pair of leopard print mules I’m eyeing from Steve Madden this season that will take my work outfits to the next level, but that isn’t the only print turning heads this season.

Last fall, I shared how to style snake print boots. While snake print was making its way through the fashion blogger world last year, it’s safe to say it has officially gone mainstream this year. Snake print fashion is everywhere this season and it’s one trend I hope stays for at least another 2 seasons. Why? The color scheme is so wearable! Whether you work in an office setting, go to school, or do anything in between, you can easily add a snake print accessory to your look and elevate your outfit. If you’re unsure where to start, find a small snake print bag to throw on over your simple looks. If you’re particularly interested in office attire, bags with a gold chain rather than a leather strap pair nicely with traditional black and white office style.

coin jewelry

Layered Jewelry

I am all about simple, delicate jewelry. Even when I wear my large gold hoops (which is 95% of the time), I am extremely particular and need the hoop itself to be very thin. I say all that to say my signature jewelry style is pretty set in stone, so it’s nice when a fall trend aligns so perfectly with something I already gravitate towards. While I have been venturing out with different earrings at work, the days of wearing gaudy costume necklaces and bracelets are long gone. (One of these days we need to talk about the unspeakable early ’00s era of fashion.)

This season, jewelry is adopting that same delicate approach but stacking elements on top of one another. Whether that means a delicate earring will have pearls layered on top as accents, small necklaces will be chained together, or rings are offered as a stacked set, layered jewelry is very on-trend this fall. What’s great about this trend is you more than likely already have a curated jewelry selection of your own, so you don’t have to go out and shop for more pieces to get involved. Sort through your existing collection and find pieces that pair well together. Then, layer them on top of a simple outfit like a long-sleeve tee and trousers and your outfit will look a bit more stylish!

how to style leopard print for fall

Bright Eyeshadow

One trend that took me by surprise came in the form of makeup. Typically, we think of matte lips and earthy eyes when we talk about fall beauty trends. While all of that will still arrive on schedule, the beauty world is shaking things up and adding a ton of colorful eyeshadow palettes to the fall makeup arsenal. After checking out Sephora’s holiday preview a few weeks ago, I noticed quite a few brands have neon-bright eyeshadow palettes available.

We can expect to see those palettes in the summertime, but it was kind of refreshing to realize the makeup world is putting a fresh spin on your future fall looks. Even I, queen of “neutrals only” palettes, ventured over to the wild side and picked up Jackie Aina’s ABH palette. To all my fellow black women out there, that is the palette you need if you want to wear vivid color! I typically use the neutral shades within the palette, but I wore the color options as well just to see the quality and I was impressed with the vibrancy! Add a little color into your fall life with some bright eyeshadow this season.

small topshop bag chloe dupe

Small Handbags

Who has been reading this site long enough to remember when I had a Neverfull? Whew, never again! I loved the bag at the time but I just cannot picture myself carrying around a large tote-sized bag as my everyday option anymore. In fact, I grew so tired of bags after that large one that I gave them up altogether for at least a full year once I purchased the Louis Vuitton 6-key holder. I’ve rediscovered my love of crossbody bags over the past year, so I am pleased to see that small handbags made the cut as one of the top fall trends this season.

You don’t have to go as small as Jacquemus and have a literal keychain for a bag, but small handbags are definitely making a statement this fall. Trendier options typically have a top handle as well so the bag can be carried rather than worn as a crossbody, but always go for what you know you’ll want to carry. I picked up a handheld bag from Topshop because anything with gold hardware catches my eye, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it can also be styled as a crossbody if I get tired of carrying it. This type of style will pair beautifully with well-tailored fall outfits, so find a bag in an earthy tone that will mix well with your wardrobe and make it your everyday bag this season!

fall trends to boost your fashion

Crocodile-Effect Bags and Shoes

Speaking of bags, this trend is creeping into the handbag section as well as shoes. We mentioned animal print at the top of the post, but this fall trend doesn’t necessarily fit in that category. What I’m talking about is the crocodile trend. Have you noticed the influx of crocodile-effect bags, shoes, and accessories? This unique texture adds a luxe effect to your outfits. Instead of reaching for a smooth belt, swap it for one that has a crocodile texture and see how it makes your outfit pop.

Much like the animal print loafers, I have a pair of boots I’m eyeing this season. I have the boot in a snake print style already, but I love the silhouette so much that I want it in the crocodile option as well. As someone who doesn’t particularly care for plain black boots, this fall trend is perfect because I can find a solid pair without losing the “wow” factor most of my black boots have.

fall trends to boost your fashion

So to recap, the 5 fall trends that will turn your outfits into looks are:

  1. Animal print pieces (especially snake print)
  2. Layered jewelry
  3. Colorful eyeshadow
  4. Small handbags
  5. Crocodile-Effect accessories

One thing I noticed about fall fashion this time around is the variety! Yes, there are some traditional fall trends coming into play this year; however, we also have elements of style that would normally be reserved for spring and summer looks. Bright eyeshadow? Lip gloss? Floral print? Glowy skin? Anything goes this season and I absolutely love it!

If you want to stick with the traditional fall tones, there’s nothing wrong with that! I’m really into neutral outfits right now so I fully intend on wearing a lot of earthy outfits this season. But, if you want to step outside of the box then that’s okay, too! Ditch the traditional fashion rules and wear what you want. At least, that’s the message I’m getting from the variety of trends hitting the shelves right now.

Which fall trends will you be wearing this season?

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