3 Ways to Transition Your Outfits for Fall

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Although the weather feels like otherwise, we’re about a week away from the first official day of Fall! I am very much looking forward to a season change because as I may or may not have mentioned in the last post, summer was an extremely busy and stressful season for me. All the hard work paid off in the end, so it’s time to celebrate with a new season and fresh fall fashion!

summer to fall transition outfit

What I’m Wearing: Target blazer | Nordstrom top | Zara shorts | Steve Madden boots

The Summer to Fall Outfit Formula

Before the temperatures completely drop, you may find yourself having to wear some “in-between” outfits. So, how can you successfully style a transitional outfit as we make the switch from summer to fall fashion? The answer lies in 3 simple outfit formulas.

  1. Blazers and Shorts
  2. Dresses and Boots
  3. T-Shirts and Cardigans

Keep reading to see how you can remix a few style staples to create effortless outfits from summer to fall!

transitional dressing tips

Blazers and Shorts

Styling a blazer with shorts as a transitional outfit has been my go-to option this year because I simply can’t stop wearing blazers. The style staple is consistently worn during the workweek with pants, but I love being able to style my closet from work to weekend. With this transitional outfit, you’re mixing the following seasonal pieces:

  • Summer Style: Shorts
  • Fall Style: Blazer

The combination perfectly balances the two seasonal pieces to create a weather-appropriate look for pre-fall. In the summer, you’d traditionally style shorts with a lightweight or sleeveless top and sandals. For the summer to fall transition, you should keep the lighter tank as the base layer but swap the sandals for a close-toed shoe like sneakers or flats. Pairing the blazer with a summer top underneath keeps the outfit breathable, and you can quickly ditch the layer if the temperature rises.

the work to weekend blazer outfit idea

Dresses and Boots

Whether you prefer short dresses or long dresses, this option will work for you! As the heading indicates, this transitional outfit formula is based around two pieces from opposing seasons:

  • Summer Style: Dresses
  • Fall Style: Boots

While both pieces look great separately, they create a beautiful outfit when combined. Fall fashion often involves a lot of tailored pieces and structured layers, so styling a summer dress during the transition period will introduce some movement to your seasonal wardrobe. As someone on the shorter side, I tend to reach for the short dress and heeled boot combination more than the maxi dress option, but it’s still totally achievable! If you’re on the shorter side, you can check out my tips on wearing longer skirts and dresses to learn how you can keep an elongated figure.

how to wear a blazer with shorts

T-Shirts and Cardigans

Wearing a classic t-shirt is always a good idea, but it’s especially true during the transitional period when you need removable sleeves. I realize that may sound a bit weird, but it’s truly the worst when you walk outside expecting the nice chill breeze of a crisp fall day to hit your skin but you’re instead welcomed by a humid taste of the leftover summer. During the summer to fall transition, you have to be ready for both seasons due to the fluctuating temperature. Because of this, removable layers that still result in a complete look are key. This final outfit formula mixes two pieces from the seasons:

  • Summer Style: T-Shirts
  • Fall Style: Cardigans

To finish off this outfit formula, pair the t-shirt and cardigan with a pair of medium to dark wash denim. I recommend wearing a vertical striped t-shirt as the base and picking out a longer cardigan in an earth tone. The striped shirt is timeless and goes with everything, and the cardigan adds a hint of fall.

how to style blazers with shorts

All in all, the key to wearing transitional outfits is mixing pieces from both seasons to create a balanced outfit. If you’re interested in discovering more fall inspiration, follow Venti Fashion on Pinterest! This is my favorite time of year to pin style inspiration and I have a board dedicated to fall fashion.

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