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We’re on the second to last post of the trend series! Well, I should say we’re on the last post for the 2018 trend series because I think I’ll continue trying trends in the new year. What do you guys think? I love writing about trends in this format because I’m all about sharing tips to help you incorporate trends with your existing wardrobe. This month, I’m focusing on the ever so popular snakeskin trend.

Trend Report | Snakeskin Print

snake print trend outfit ideas snake print trend outfit ideas

Wearing: Topshop Dress | Sam Edelman Boots | Prive Revaux Sunglasses | Jenny Bird Earrings | Brook & York Necklace (use code VENTI for a discount!)

Tips for Styling the Snakeskin Trend

  • For the office: Incorporate the fun trend in a subtle way by pairing traditional office attire with a pair of snake print heels.
  • For the weekend: Swap an item from your usual weekend look with a snake print version. Think sweatshirt dress with snake print OTK boots, or a tee and jeans outfit paired with a snake print denim jacket.
  • For the trendsetter: Make a statement! Wear a snake print dress for maximum effect, or add some flavor to your outfit by throwing on a colorful sweater and snake print pants. 

snake print trend outfit ideas

Shopping the Trend – Where to Find Snake Print Pieces

We all consider leopard print to be a timeless trend, but do we feel the same evergreen love for snake print? Although I say the answer to that is no, it does still come back around as a fashion trend on a less frequent basis. There are two shopping strategies I have when it comes to shopping the snake print trend:

  1. With clothing, pay attention to the fabrics and be mindful of the price. Being that snake print is a flashy trend and less cyclical than others, busier clothing pieces may not stand the test of time. When shopping, think of a few ways you can style that single item for the current season before making the purchase to ensure you have a good ROI.
  2. It’s okay to splurge on accessories with a timeless cut. Accessories like belts, bags, and shoes add flair and personality to outfits. You can outlast the trend cycle without looking dated by purchasing a trendy print in a classic style. For example, you can pick up a snake print slim belt with minimal hardware instead of reaching for a corset-style belt in the same print. With shoes, it would be wiser long-term to pick up a snake print classic heel or ankle boot instead of selecting a sock style version. The sock style incorporates two “current” trends and is more likely to appear dated once either trend runs its course. 

If you need help finding snakeskin items, I’ve curated a few of my picks below:

snake print trend outfit ideas

Would you wear snake print?

I will admit that this trend can veer on the side of loud if you’re not careful. I love the fit of the snake print dress featured in today’s post, but my personal favorite way to wear the trend is a bit more minimal for everyday wear. If the all snake outfit is a bit too much for your personal taste, don’t be afraid to start small! Focus more on the second style tip provided and pick up an accessory instead of an article of clothing!

As always, below is a quick recap of the trends we’ve tested up to this point:

If you missed a post in the series, be sure to go back and catch up! Next month will be the last trend for the year before I ultimately share which trends I think we should keep and ditch for the new year. What would you like to see as the final trend test in 2018? 

snake print trend outfit ideas

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