Trend Report: Tips for Styling the Checked Blazer

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Happy Thursday! Today’s outfit post is the latest in my trying trends series, where I purchase a trending item each month and style it into my wardrobe. If you missed any of the previous trends in the series that kicked off over the summer, check them out here:

With only 3 trends left to round out the year, today’s trend is one suitable (no pun intended) for the office: the checked blazer.

Trend Report | The Checked Blazer

trend report - styling the checked blazer tipstrend report - styling the checked blazer tips

BLAZER: Target | TOP: Target | JEANS: Zara | SHOES: Target | SUNGLASSES: Prive Reveaux

I mentioned in my latest fashion haul that I was looking for a checked blazer at the beginning of the fall season. There’s just something about a jacket that really pulls a look together and sets the mood for the whole outfit, don’t you think? I shared this look on Instagram a few weeks ago when I first purchased the blazer and have worn it at least once a week since then. It’s so easy to style and has become my favorite office piece for Fall. Below are a few tips for styling the checked blazer, both in and outside the office!

trend report - styling the checked blazer tips

Tips for How to Style the Checked Blazer

  • For the office: Stick with the neutral color palette of the blazer when picking out the rest of your look. If you pick up a gray, black, and white blazer as I did, layer the jacket over a black or white blouse tucked into a pair of tailored slacks. Accessorize with your favorite watch or delicate cuff bracelet.
  • For the weekend: You don’t need a corporate job to wear a blazer! Go casual by pairing a crew neck white tee with a medium wash denim and ankle boots. Style your hair in an undone bun or bedhead hair for an even more relaxed look, and don’t forget to bunch up the blazer sleeves so they stop at your elbow!
  • For the trendy outing: One look that is a surprisingly perfect match? The blazer and belt bag duo. Paired with your favorite skinny jeans or cigarette pants, throw a graphic tee under your blazer and wrap a belt bag around your waist. The belt bag cinches you in and causes the bottom half of the blazer to belt out a bit, adding more shape to your look.
Shop the checked blazer trend:

Shopping for the Perfect Blazer

When shopping for a blazer, it’s all about finding the perfect fit.

  • Pay attention to the size the model is wearing and how it looks on her when you’re shopping online. Look at her measurements to get a better idea of where it will fall on you.
  • If you’re in the store, try on 3 different sizes: your natural size, one size up, and one size down.

While I was out shopping, I found most blazers ran a bit on the larger side. Even though my 3 sizes all fit, the shoulder area looked the best when I went down a size.

trend report - styling the checked blazer tips

Get my look:

Would you wear a checked blazer?

Personally, I’m such a fan of this trend. Blazers always take me back to my retail days working at GUESS. I remember saving my paycheck so I could purchase one of the blazers they had on display when I first started working there, and I still have that jacket to this day.

While the blazer wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, just your classic black boyfriend blazer, it was the quality that impressed me at the time. I purchased that blazer nearly 8 or 9 years ago and it’s still in great condition! And you know what? Style-wise, the cut and buttons were very minimal/traditional so the blazer will have a hard time falling in the “outdated” category.

Checked blazers come in neutral palettes for the most part, but if that is still a little too bold for your personal style, I would try adding at least one classic black blazer to your collection.

Shop the classic blazer styles:

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