Red Faux Fur + Houndstooth Scarf

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Hi, I'm Chelsey


Welcome to 2015!

….I say as I post my Christmas outfit.

The Fashion

I didn’t get a chance to post the look during the holidays since…well, it was the holidays. Christmas was at my place this year, so I wanted to look decent but still feel comfortable in my own home. Instead of going for the red sweater and denim look, I opted out for all black at the last minute. Truthfully, I really wanted to wear this Topshop blouse I recently purchased. I liked the way it looked with black pants, and it was too cold outside to wear anything other than boots. 

I unfortunately haven’t found any winter boots this year, which is fine because my Steve Madden flat boots have been my best friend this season. They’re getting a little worn out, but they still keep my feet warm just fine. I added an old houndstooth scarf from Target to add a little festivity and break up the head to toe black. In my ‘coveting faux fur‘ post, I mentioned my sister once had a faux fur coat that was number one on her Christmas list. Well, she just recently let me have it so why not throw it on for Christmas? There really isn’t a more appropriate time to bust out the old red coat other than the holidays, at least when it comes my personal style.

The Beauty

As for the beauty side, I pulled out a throwback hairstyle that I’ve noticed has oddly come back in style recently. I used to wear my hair like this back in the days when boxes and waterfalls were the hairstyles to wear. I pulled the front of my hair up into the high ponytail while keeping the majority of my hair down because I wanted to wear my hair down without having to constantly move hair out of my face. This style is a quick way to look a little younger if that’s something you’re striving for.

On the makeup end, I kept things simple with the exception of a deep bold lip that coincidentally matched my nails. I had OPI’s Malaga Wine on my nails and MAC’s Diva on the lips.

Faux-Fur-and-Houndstooth-OOTD-2 Faux-Fur-and-Houndstooth-OOTD-3 Faux-Fur-and-Houndstooth-OOTD-7 Faux-Fur-and-Houndstooth-OOTD-6 Faux-Fur-and-Houndstooth-OOTD-1 Faux-Fur-and-Houndstooth-OOTD-4 Faux-Fur-and-Houndstooth-OOTD-5

The Details

What do you usually wear for the holidays?

It should be noted that I most definitely changed into PJs once the food was ready, but I did start the day fully presentable.

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