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Happy New Year! Well, not quite…I’m a bit early, but that’s okay! Right? Right! I have to admit I’ve been very busy this past month getting organized both blog wise and life wise, and the hard work is paying off. It’s New Year’s Eve and my checklist of to-do items is as checked off as it’s going to be at the moment. Let’s face it, a busy mind never has a completely empty to-do list. Give me free time and I’ll fill it. With that being said, I wanted to write a brief post on NYE to update you all on what’s different for Venti this year.

  • The Layout
  • The Schedule
  • The Topics
  • The App (yep–you read that right)


The Layout

You probably already noticed this when I published my Best of Beauty post–or not, I mean it was a Monday…after the holidays, no less–but I changed the site’s layout. I liked the previous layout plenty, but this one feels a little more like my personality if that makes sense. It’s simple, but it’s also bold. The biggest reason for updating was because my previous layout wasn’t as mobile-friendly as I would have liked. Being that people are always mobile now, shouldn’t sites adjust to the change? There are times when even I have to check something on the blog while I’m out, and it caused a bit of a cringe pulling up the site on my phone and not having a mobile-friendly aesthetic. Well, problem solved! Go on, grab your phone right now and pull up the site. Nice, right?

The Schedule

The last year was spent trying to figure out what works for me when it comes to getting content out. I mean, working full time and having family/friends to see, a puppy to keep company, a blog to maintain, and a body to keep healthy (the gym has definitely been neglected lately), it can very easily become overwhelming. That’s why I decided to just play around with frequencies to find my balance. There was a time when I would post once a week (hello, holiday season), average out 2 posts a week, and even a brief stint in the summer when I was posting content 5 times a week. Once a week was all I could maintain due to my busy schedule at the time, though I wasn’t satisfied with that.  Five times a week was amazing and I felt really accomplished, but it’s not realistic for me. So where did I land? *drumroll please*

No I’m kidding, it’s not anything worthy of a pretend drumroll. It’s actually pretty standard, as I’ll be posting 3 times a week: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday? Did you see that coming? If you watch Youtube a lot you may have seen that coming. That’s a pretty standard schedule and I can tell you why…well, for me, at least. I always fall back to 3 posts a week because it’s a comfortably achievable rate for me that doesn’t leave you guys without content for too long, and also enables me to have time for other things.

Does that mean there’s not even the slightest possibility I may post outside of my schedule? Of course not, life happens. I may even feel the need to post more than three times a week if I have something I just have to get out and can’t hold it in.

The Topics

While looking at the awesome mobile-friendly version of the blog did you notice anything different? Like the categories, perhaps? Let me explain. Nothing major is changing here, but I have added ‘Home Decor’ and ‘Lifestyle’ as their own individual categories. Sometimes a post doesn’t quite fit into fashion and beauty, so there’s lifestyle. Also, I’ve posted a few times about home decor, but my growing interest in it has prompted me to dedicate a category for the interior design loving readers. The Outfits category is still in a lookbook format, but everything else has switched over to your standard category layout.


The App

Last but most certainly not least, let’s talk about this app situation. Venti Fashion has an app! This decision ties into the whole changing my layout for a mobile-friendly version thing. Since a lot of you visit the site on mobile devices, let’s make it easier to keep up on those devices. The app is a great way to easily stay up to date with the latest blog posts, and best of all? It’s free! Some of you have already found out about the app, which is kind of amazing and I thank you. For the rest of you, you can download it in the App Store by searching ‘Venti Fashion’ or clicking here for the direct link:

As of right now, the app is just available to iPhone/iPod/iPad users, but don’t worry Android users! For now we still have that mobile friendly version for you guys, okay?



So that just about wraps it up for this announcement of a post. To recap:

  • New look with a mobile-friendly layout
  • New content will be published every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with a few additional posts thrown in occasionally
  • Home Decor and Lifestyle have now been added as their own category, respectively
  • Venti Fashion is now avaialble as a free app in the iTunes Store

I also want to thank you guys for being so patient! While I didn’t post as often as I would have liked in 2014–most notably the last quarter–there were a few posts I published that I consider my favorites for the year. If you’re like me and decided not to do anything for NYE (honestly, I’m socially exhausted), why not check out some of my favorites on the post I published yesterday.

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