On Venti Fashion: A Year in Review

*insert sentence about how I can’t believe the year is nearly over*

Seriously, though. Can you believe it?

This year overall was a really good year. In terms of the blog, there were a few posts that I enjoyed creating, and I thought I’d bring them back to life as a year in review post.

diy polaroid wall


DIY Polaroid Wall Without a Polaroid Camera

This project was a lot of fun to work on so I made a post about it. Looking through the photos brought back memories of one of my favorite nights.


From Indian Lakes Basics

The outfit itself was pretty simple, but the event I wore it to was so much fun.


Fashionably Fit with Lululemon

I had such a great time this day, shooting looks with my friend and getting to know all the intricate details involved with Lululemon clothing.


Photodiary: Streets of Austin

One of my friends has made it a thing to visit Austin together. Lately we go to see shows, but it’s still fun when there isn’t anything to do.

Topshop Stripes and Leopard Print-2

The Striped Tee

Not only is this my favorite outfit, but it’s tied to good memories. I was home with family and had a great mini vacay.

These were some of my favorite posts for the year, what were yours?