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Hi, I'm Chelsey

Welcome to the second half of 2015! Much like April, May wasn’t a good month but I did have quite a few favorite items to share so let’s get started.


Beauty Favorites

  • NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer – Caramel
  • NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream – Abu Dhabi
  • BITE Beauty Butter Cream Lipstick – Rosewood
  • MAC Satin Lipstick – Twig
  • MAC Blush – Blunt
  • Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb Perfume
  • Makeup Geek Eyeshadow – Cocoa Bear
  • NYX Lip Liner- Brown


NARS Radiant Concealer in Caramel

If you haven’t already read the full review of this concealer, be sure to click over to that post for more details. I stopped using this product for a while and picked it back up in the month of May. Whenever I take a break from a product, I usually end up liking it even more. What I like about this concealer is that it’s lightweight enough for me to wear in the springtime with powder foundations. (x)


NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Abu Dhabi

NYX makes my favorite formula of the liquid lipstick craze. I have quite a few and love all of them, but Abu Dhabi was my favorite last month. It’s a beautiful nude shade that’s slightly warm. (x)

Bite-Rosewood-Lipstick BITE-Beauty-Rosewood

BITE Beauty Cream Lipstick in Rosewood

Everyone should try at least one BITE beauty lipstick. They’re on the expensive side for a lipstick, but the formula is nice and moisturizing. Rosewood is a plum rose color that falls along the “your lips but better” color range, which is the lip shade I’ve primarily worn all Spring. (x)


MAC Satin Lipstick in Twig

Twig is a newer purchase that quickly turned into my favorite lipstick I’ve ever owned. I went to MAC towards the end of April with the intention of purchasing Velvet Teddy lipstick. While I purchased that shade, I also bought Twig after loving the color in person. I expected to like Velvet Teddy more than I do, but Twig is the favorite. It’s another great color to wear every day when I don’t want anything too flashy, but I still want the feeling of something on my lips. (x)



NYX Slim Lip Pencil in Brown

With all of these neutral lip colors taking over my lipstick collection, I’ve made the most of my lipliner stash. The NYX liner in Brown is one of my favorites because it helps to blend neutral shades that may be too light so it doesn’t have a harsh contrast between my face and my lips. (x)

MAC Blush in Blunt

I’ve had this blush for probably longer than I should, but I have really grown fond of it during the month of May. If you can’t tell by my favorites, I’m getting into the more subtle, neutral looks as we inch closer to warmer temperatures. Blunt is a warm brown blush that adds a flush of color to the cheeks without looking like a blush. (x)

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow in Cocoa Bear

I posted a makeup geek previously on Makeup Geek Cosmetic, so check that out for an in-depth look at the brand. This shadow in particular is a May favorite because it looks amazing all over the lid and into the crease with black eyeliner and mascara. (x)

Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb

There are 3 perfumes I own that last all day and are worth every penny: Nirvana White, Nirvana Black, and Flowerbomb. Buying perfumes can be a little frustrating because they’re expensive but they don’t always last throughout the day. Flowerbomb will literally stay on my skin from the moment I spritz it on my wrist in the morning to the minute I step into the shower at night. It. Smells. Amazing. I’ve mentioned before that my sister is always on trend before it’s a trend, and she’s the reason why this perfume made it to my radar. After that, it was all over Youtube…and with good reason. (x)


Lifestyle Favorites

  • Planner Stickers
  • Brookside’s Chocolate Covered Pomegranates
  • iPhone 6 in Space Gray
  • 14 Songs I’ve Had on Repeat

Planner Stickers

I’m very into organizing and planning. It’s therapeutic to have everything I need to do for the day written out for me to see. Recently, I’ve gotten into decorating my planner to give it a little more spice. I plan to write an entire post sharing a behind the scenes look, but this is a little preview. I purchased both sets of stickers from Hobby Lobby. While I’m not sure that I’ll consistently decorate my planner, I’m definitely enjoying it right now. (x)

Brookside’s Chocolate Covered Pomegranates

A coworker gave me a few of these to try, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I am very much into natural foods with true ingredients, so in that aspect they aren’t perfect. However, they are a “healthier” alternative to reaching for a candy bar. If you’re into healthy eating but have a sweet tooth every now and then, I’d say to try these. The pomegranate inside is chewy and tangy, while the dark chocolate coating satisfies the sweet craving. I’ve tried the goji and raspberry option as well, but pomegranate is the best. (I’m actually snacking on these as I write this post.) (x)

iPhone 6 in Space Gray

Is it weird to showcase my phone in a monthly favorites? I upgraded my phone at the very end of April and haven’t looked back since. I previously had the iPhone 5S in Gold, and prior to that, my older iPhone models were always white. Switching over to the black–or Space Gray–color was definitely different, but I’m so glad I have this color. Something about the smooth edges of the iPhone 6 just really looks sleek in black. I would have loved to have purchased the 6+ because the greatest thing about this upgrade is the screen size, but it was truly too big for my hand. (x)


Music Favorites

So last month I featured a list of songs and albums I had on repeat for the month of April. Since I’m always on Spotify, I thought it might be easier to instead list the songs into a separate Spotify playlist. As you can see from the photo above, Sza, Tame Impala, A$AP Rocky, and Lana del Rey are some of the favorites; however, be sure to check out the full playlist to see (and hear) all of my May music picks. (x)

Recurring Favorites

As always, be sure to check out my previous monthly favorites for details on the below items I am still loving:

What are some things you loved during May?

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