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Monthly-Favorites-OctoberWhat a whirlwind of a month! Between getting ready for and attending a music festival, getting over the flu, and attending workshops at work, this month truly flew by. I don’t think I have too many favorites for October, but it’s a decent amount.

Fashion and Beauty Favorites

Lupita-Nyongo-Vogue-PhotospreadVogue’s October Issue

Representation is so important. I love walking down the magazine aisle and seeing people I can relate to on the cover. Lupita Nyong’o was on the cover of Vogue for October, which was an instant buy for me. Last month, Beyonce was on the cover. Also an instant buy. I appreciate the amount of diversity in the magazine covers lately and have found myself purchasing physical copies more than usual. Lupita’s photospread, although I do wish was a tad longer, is gorgeous.

Lancome-Teint-Idole-Oct-2015Lancome Teint Idole Foundation

I’ve included Teint Idole in favorites before so I won’t get too detailed, but this foundation is a favorite for a different reason this month. After being at a music festival for 3 days straight, I returned with tanlines on my back and a darker yet uneven face. My forehead is about 2-3 shades darker than my natural color, while the center of my face stayed the same. Because I know my natural color will return, I didn’t want to bother with purchasing a darker shade of foundation. With the help of a little contouring, I’ve been able to use my Lancome foundation and make it work. I’ve been on the Loreal Pro Matte bandwagon lately, but Lancome blends much better with my current tan. (x)

Milani-Rose-Femme-Lipstick-Oct-2015Milani Lipstick in Rose Femme

I’m so grateful that I didn’t toss this shade when I first purchased it. Once upon a time, I bought this shade and didn’t like the way it looked. Months down the line, it is now one of my favorites. I particularly love it when I wear Rimmel Rich lipliner underneath as a base. On the lips, Rose Femme a deeper neutral shade with pink undertones. Best of all? It isn’t in the Milani matte collection so the color is opaque without drying out my lips. (x)

Essie-Eternal-Optimist-Oct-2015Essie Polish in Eternal Optimist

For the full month of October, I’ve been wearing pink nail polish in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. Pink is not a shade I particularly care for on my fingernails unless it’s pale or muted. Eternal Optimist is my favorite shade of all the pinks I’ve worn this month because it’s a rosy blush color that leans more toward the neutral side. (x)

Lorac-Pro-PaletteLorac Pro Palette

I haven’t purchased new eyeshadow in so long, and with good reason. I have so many eyeshadow palettes to get through that I’ve even tried to condense my collection and pass some off to my sister. The Too Faced Chocolate Bar palettes get the most use, but I’ve made an effort to use the Lorac Pro palette regularly now that we’re in the fall season. The pigmentation of Lorac shadows is phenomenal, and the color range within the original palette is versatile enough for a deeper everyday look. (x)

MAC-Blunt-blushMAC Blunt Blush

Is it just me or do MAC blushes never hit pan? I’ve had all of my blushes for so long and there’s no end in sight. Blunt is a favorite this month because it’s a brown with warm undertones that looks beautiful during the cooler months. (x)

Ardell-Demi-Wispies-Fals-Lashes-Oct-2015False Eyelashes

Truthfully, I don’t know how I randomly got into false lashes, yet here I am. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t wear them on an everyday basis. I’m honestly not even that great with the application, but I’ve made a conscious effort to get better.  How do you get better at something? Practice! I’ve found quite a few pairs that look really natural, but for photos I’ve been enjoying the Demi Wispies from Ardell Lashes. (x)

Monthly-Favorites-Oct-2015Lifestyle Favorites

iPhone-Calendar-App-Oct-2015iPhone Calendar

Such a simple app that’s readily equipped on every iPhone, yet I’ve only now truly embraced it and all of its glory. There’s no denying that I am a write over type kind of girl. When it comes to planning out the day and creating to do lists, I’m more successful with both remembering and completing the tasks when I write them down. I love using a tangible planner and couldn’t imagine completely ditching it, but technology has one leg up on the cute physical planners: alerts.

Because I’ve been so busy lately, I tested out switching over to an electronic calendar. While it didn’t totally replace my physical planner–some things just need to be handwritten–I have absolutely loved programming any meetings or workshops I attend into the calendar app on my iPhone. The ability to not only categorize but also set 1-2 alerts has been a complete life saver. I even added social events into my calendar and the iphone has a great feature of letting you know what time you need to leave in order to arrive to the even on time. I’m going into total tech-lover mode so I’ll end by saying my favorite feature aside from telling me what time to leave is being able to add my flight information from e-mail confirmations with a simple tap of the screen.

Tech and EssentialsAnker Portable Chargers

Both portable chargers I purchased from Anker were complete lifesavers while at Austin City Limits. The last thing you want to worry about while out all day is your phone running out of battery, that’s where these come in handy. During the 3-day festival, I mostly used the smaller charger simply because it was lighter and fit in my pocket. I was able to charge my phone without any problems, but the larger charger is my prime pick for those of you only looking to invest in one. The large charger worked at a faster rate to bring my phone back to life, and it lasts longer than the smaller option. As I mentioned in one of the festival series posts, I definitely recommend purchasing these from Amazon rather than in-store. P.S. This photo is recycled from my pack with me series because I totally realized after the fact that I forgot to take a picture of my chargers for this go around. (x)

October-2015-Monthly-PlaylistMonthly Music: Festival Daze

Naturally, this month was spent primarily listening to a few highlights from the music festival. If you missed it, check out the photo diaries to read which artists were a part of my must-see shows.

  1. Gooey – Glass Animals
  2. Love Me – The 1975
  3. Flip – Glass Animals
  4. Left Hand Free – alt-J
  5. Let it Happen – Tame Impala
  6. Ride – Twenty One Pilots
  7. Hotline Bling – Drake
  8. Control – Halsey
  9. Tonight You Are Mine – The Technicolors
  10. Goldie – A$AP Rocky

What were some products you loved during October?

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