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Hi, I'm Chelsey


Welcome to the photo diary for Austin City Limits Day 2! This outfit switched slightly from what I planned in my outfit packing post. Originally, I wanted to keep it casual with stripes and Converse. Although I still wore stripes, I swapped Converse for fringe gladiators because the Converse weren’t as comfortable as I’d hoped. I think the quick switch really added to the festival look. The floppy hat from Forever 21 did a great job blocking out the sun, but the only downfall was having to wear my hair down. The plaid top from Forever 21 was just an added layer to keep things covered as we walked across people sitting in the grass, because the Topshop shorts are just a little short in the back. And as with the first day, the second day I also wore Quay’s About Last Night sunglasses.


My friend applied a few flash tattoos on my arms and legs for pops of gold. They ended up making great alternatives to jewelry.


On Day 2, we arrived shortly after the park was open, around 11:30. First stop of the day was heading over to the Samsung stage to watch Echosmith perform. Here you can see another flash tattoo on my arm, this time of a palm tree. The fringe backpack is from Target, and I’m so glad I changed my mind with bringing a crossbody. The backpack was a hands-free and convenient way to carry plenty of items but still have the freedom to move around.


Two more flash tattoos across my leg. I think the placement of these came out really cool, they almost mimic a garter.


We passed by a flower donation station from the KIND brand. The premise was to pick up a flower and pass it on as an act of kindness. To no surprise, I chose the sunflower. Fun fact: It’s my favorite flower emoji.


We arrived pretty early to Echosmith, so we got a chance to rest our feet. Our plan for Day 2 was to sit for as many shows as possible during the day, so we could preserve our feet for the big shows at the end. We ended up standing for every show this day, but it was a good idea in theory.


Echosmith put on a really cute performance. The lead singer radiates positive energy and was a good way to kick off our day. I’m sure everyone has heard at least one song from Echosmith, probably Cool Kids. If you haven’t but you’re looking for new music, I recommend listening to their song Tell Her You Love Her.


The surprise performance for me personally was Glass Animals. I have a few of their songs in my playlist so they were on my list to watch, but I didn’t expect them to be as good as they were. I liked that they performed some of their songs and also did a few covers. Their performance is in my top 5 for the whole weekend. Incredible energy. I would describe their genre as indie rock or trip hop. (If you’re interested in checking out the band, I’d recommend checking out the song Gooey.)


Twenty One Pilots was another group I wanted to see, and I’m glad we did. The crowd was much larger than I expected, and I see why. Their performance was filled with energy and they sound really good live. It’s really hard to describe their genre because they kind of bridge the gap between hip hop, alternative, and pop. They’re like a melting pot for all genres. (If you’re interested in checking out the band, I’d recommend listening to the song Ride. Honestly though with this band you’ll probably have to listen to a few songs, there’s something in there for everyone.)


I still can’t believe I saw A$AP Rocky. The only bummer with this one was we had so many people to see on Saturday that we didn’t have much time to eat, and it was starting to hit me right before his performance. As we grabbed food, we sat far back to eat while listening to his show. I wish we would’ve gotten closer for the performance, but I just wasn’t feeling up to it at that point. Luckily, the food got into my system in time for Drake. A$AP Rocky isn’t the average rapper, and he actually performed with Twenty One Pilots previously. (If you’re interested in checking out A$AP Rocky, I recommend listening to the song L$D.)


Drake was hands down the most popular performance of the weekend. When he was set to perform, the crowd was packed. We literally couldn’t really move because it was so crowded. I’ve been a fan since Myspace days, back in 2006 when he only had Brand New and Successful on his Myspace music page so I was super excited to see him live. I love how much he loves Texas, and it really showed during his performance. He’s another one I need to see again. He was my 2nd favorite performance of the weekend. (If you’re interested in checking out Drake, I honestly can’t recommend just one song. One of my favorites is Shot For Me.)

On Saturday, we saw the following bands/artists: Echosmith, Glass Animals, Twenty One Pilots, G-Eazy, A$AP Rocky, Bassnectar, Drake. The one group I wanted to see but didn’t get a chance to on this day was Unknown Mortal Orchestra because they were on the opposite side of the park that A$AP was set to perform on, and we needed to take a food break.

Tomorrow I’m finishing the festival series and photo diaries with Day 3, so catch up with Day 1 if you missed anything.

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