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Last week, I shared all the prep for attending a music festival. If you missed any of the posts, be sure to catch up and read the full festival series! I shared what I kept in my makeup bag, the outfits I packed, and what was in my festival backpack. Since you all saw the preparation, I wanted to share the aftermath with you guys this week. Austin City Limits was 3 days worth of music, so there will be 3 “photo diaries” to include my outfit for each day. The photo diaries are all photos shot with an iPhone since we weren’t able to bring in professional cameras, but I think they came out pretty well considering we only used a phone. Let’s get started with a few highlights from day 1:

If you recall from my outfit packing post, I mentioned the weather was forecasted to be a little sketchy on Friday. We lucked out and didn’t get any rain, but the skies were overcast so it wasn’t nearly as hot on day 1 as it ended up being the last two days. For day one, I ended up wearing my Zara tee, Guess jeans, and white Converse. The sunglasses are Quay’s About Last Night style, which I wore each day. This was the day that I also decided to wear liquid foundation. Overall, the jeans were a good choice for Friday, but the Converse weren’t very comfortable by the end of the night. Also, my makeup felt like it was melting off my face so that was the only day I wore liquid foundation. I figured that would be the result, but with the cloudy skies I wanted to at least test out my options. 


We made it! The park opens at 11am each day, and Friday we arrived around 2:30pm. This photo was saved from my personal snapchat, which you can follow if you like! I’m on snapchat as chelseytanisha.


Upon entering, we were immediately on the hunt for food and water. I took this shot to try and capture how many people were at the festival by the time we got there. Little did I know, Saturday would be even more crowded than Friday.


What was cool about Austin City Limits was that they had a ton of local and popular restaurant options set up inside the festival, with a condensed menu. I can’t remember where we got these queso fries from, but they were extremely good.


Is canned water a familiar concept for anyone? We were surprised to see water in a can. These ran out by the end of Day 2 and they started selling bottled water instead, so it was good while it lasted!


Another shot of the canned water, this time their own branded version. I just thought the design was cool.


Tame Impala! We all had a few must-see bands and mine were Tame Impala, A$AP Rocky, and Drake. We saw around 25 different bands and artists total, but Tame Impala was definitely my most-loved show. Not only was this the show we had the best “seats” for, but the crowd energy was contagious and they also played a lot of my favorite songs. I would absolutely see them again. The best way to describe their music is by classifying it as psychedelic rock. (It’s hard to pick just one, but if you’re interested in listening to them I’d recommend checking out their song Cause I’m a Man.)


This is a shot of Kevin Parker, the lead in Tame Impala. I love that he wore an ACL t-shirt.


Throughout their performance, colorful psychedelic images were playing in the background. I recorded a lot of their performance, but this shot is probably my favorite because of the fuschia and aqua pops of color.

That’s a wrap for day one!

Between viewing from a distance, passing by, and getting as close to the stage as we comfortably could, these are all the band/artists we saw on Friday: Meg Myers, Alina Baraz and Galimatias, Cherub, Billy Idol, Brand New, Tame Impala, Gary Clark Jr, George Ezra, Flosstradamus, and Disclosure.

The only group I really wanted to see on Friday but didn’t get a chance to was Moon Taxi. As bummed as I am for missing them (because we heard they put on a great show), it was worth getting a good spot for Tame Impala.

P.S. I normally don’t post on Thursdays, but the photo diary for day 2 will be live tomorrow so stay tuned!

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