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What's-In-My-Festival-BagWhats-In-My-BagAlright, this is the last of the travel portion within the festival series, and it’s a quick one. As you’re reading this, I’m out enjoying Day 1 of Austin City Limits Weekend Two! Today, we’re talking essentials. You have your outfits, you have your makeup, but what about the actual festival necessities? I’m here to help by showing what I packed to carry with me inside the venue:

What’s in My Bag?

Tech and Essentials

The Tech/Accessory Essentials

The wallet pictured is from the Phillip Lim for Target collection. I completely forgot about it until recently, and figured it would be the perfect size to not only hold my cash, but also the print-out of the music schedule. While I wanted to have a few options for eyewear, it’s much easier to just pick one pair to ride with for the full weekend. I went with Quay Australia’s ‘About Last Night‘ style because they have a darker lens and feel the most sturdy. As for the portable chargers, these are a must-have. I purchased two because I couldn’t decide which one to get, and they were both reasonably priced on Amazon. The festival has charging stations, but it’s nice to have my own option to avoid the mob.


The Miscellaneous Essentials

The wristband is extremely important, otherwise I won’t have a way to attend. Tide to Go is great to have because if you couldn’t tell by my outfit packing post, I brought quite a few white tops. Since we’ll be outside all day, I definitely wanted to have a good sunscreen on hand.

Music-Festival-Essentials-2The Health/Beauty Essentials

Water is absolutely essential for outdoor festivals. Normally, I would pack a glass water bottle; however, only plastic or aluminum are allowed. As an alternate, I’m taking the limited 2 sealed bottles of water quota. If you’re prone to getting headaches like me, it’s always a good idea to take travel-sized medicine. I generally avoid taking any sort of pills or medicine, but Advil is an exception when a headache gets unbearable. I’d rather have it as a backup than go empty-handed and regret it. On the beauty aspect, I have a travel-sized bottle of lotion and oil-absorbing sheets. I also picked up a mini bristle brush and pack of bobby pins just in case I need to pin my hair back.

Packing-for-a-Music-Festival Fringe-Backpack-for-a-FestivalDo you think I missed anything? My sister told me her coworkers provided a tip of bringing your own toilet paper. What are some tips you have?

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