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What I'm Wearing to a Music FestivalWelcome to Day 2 of the Festival Series! Today, I’m packing all of my outfit options. I’ve known that I’m going to this festival since May, but only recently started thinking about what to bring. The first thing that comes to mind with outdoor music festivals is modern hippie attire, right? Well, I want to look the part while also maintaining my own personal style. Most importantly, I want to be comfortable since we’ll practically be on our feet from sunup to sundown.

As I mentioned with my makeup bag post, ACL is a 3-day festival. I’m packing a few extra outfits because you never know what you’ll feel like wearing when the day arrives.

Day 1: ExperimentalDay One Music Festival Outfits

I say experimental because it’s day one of our first music festival, but the music artists we’ll be seeing are pretty mixed. I’m looking forward to seeing Tame Impala, while one of the friends I’m going with has Foo Fighters on his list. Not only is day one the chance to get our feet wet, but the weather is also a little on the suspect side with possible (hopefully not) rain. Because of this, I’m packing super casual. Both of my outfit options consist of a graphic tee and jeans. The two graphics are from Zara, while the jeans are from Urban Outfitters and Guess. Whichever look I choose, I plan on pairing it with sneakers.

Day 2: Hip-HopDay Two Music Festival Outfits

Day 2 is definitely the day I’m most excited about because we’re seeing two of my favorites back to back: A$AP Rocky and Drake. Drake went to Austin long before he blew up back when I was still living there, yet I didn’t go because I didn’t have a car back then and was living on campus in the city. Nearly 8 years later, I’m finally getting to see him live. Since day 2 is primarily hip-hop, I want to dress comfortable with a little sportiness. Similar to day 1, I’m thinking of wearing a simple striped top with denim shorts and sneakers. The striped tank from Urban Outfitters has been featured quite a few times on the blog, but the other striped top from Forever 21 surprisingly hasn’t. It’s one of my favorite tops because it’s extremely relaxed but doesn’t look as casual as a graphic tee.

Day 3: Indie AlternativeDay Three Music Festival Looks

For the last day of the festival, we’re ending with Florence + the Machine. When I think Florence, I think floral. I featured this crinkle floral maxi from Forever 21 on the blog before, but this time I (cheaply) DIY’d a double slit so the dress will be easier to move around in. If I don’t go for that option, I’m instead thinking of wearing a floral tank from Urban Outfitters with denim shorts and gladiators. The floral top was also featured on the site last summer, so be sure to check out that post if you’d like to see how it was previously styled.

Add-Ons and ShoesFestival Add Ons and AccessoriesMusic Festival Shoes

As for the additional items, I’m packing a denim jacket just in case it gets a bit chilly as the sun goes down. While the sun is out and beaming, a floppy hat will help to block the sun. I’m not really a fan of wearing hats, but this time it fits the occasion. With shoes, I’m packing the bare minimum. Converse can go with all of the casual looks, while the Steve Madden gladiators add a bit of festival flair.

Have you attended a music festival before?

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