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September ended so quickly that I hardly have any favorites to rave about. Because the list is a short one, we’re going to jump right in and not separate them into categories.

Maybelline-Matte-Nude-NuanceMaybelline Matte Lipstick in Nude Nuance

It seems like I’ve mentioned this product before, but I surprisingly haven’t…until now. Nude Nuance was released with the second wave of Maybelline’s matte lipstick line. It’s a beautiful nutmeg nude shade that applies as a warm, nutty brown on the lips with a hint of rose. While Whirl is my all-time favorite, Nude Nuance is best when I have a warm makeup look.

Laura-Mercier-Smooth-Focus-Pressed-PowderLaura Mercier Smooth Focus Powder

I purchased Laura Mercier’s Smooth Focus powder a little over a month ago and featured it in a haul with the Pro-Matte foundation and Makeup Forever primer. While the primer was a bust, I have enjoyed everything else from the haul. What’s great about this pressed powder is it helps to keep the oil at bay without adding more coverage on my face. When I’m wearing liquid foundation, I like to use this powder to touchup after using oil-blotting sheets around my T-zone. The brand’s loose translucent powder is raved about all over social media, but I prefer this pressed option because it’s great for travel.

Marshmallow-Fireside-BBW-CandleMarshmallow Fireside Candle

Warm, inviting scents are my favorite kind of scents to burn in my home. There’s something about the perfect candle that can just relax your mood. Marshmallow Fireside is my favorite candle for Fall because it has that warm scent but also has a subtle sweetness to it. I know this candle is constantly talked about by beauty gurus and I’m only adding to the hype, but there’s a reason. Some candles don’t fill the room when you burn them so they feel like a waste of money. With Marshmallow Fireside, the toasty aroma spreads like wildfire after burning for less than 30 minutes.

Spotify-September-PlaylistMusic: Concert Vibes

This month’s playlist is very much influenced by a few outings with my friends. We went to Lydia’s Run Wild tour two weeks ago since they’re my favorite band, and I was pleasantly surprised by the other acts, specifically The Technicolors. Their music is great to work out to, and the lead singer seemed so humble and down to earth. Aside from music related to the tour, I of course have been listening to Lana del Rey’s album. Overall I like Ultraviolence more than Honeymoon, but a few of my favorite Honeymoon tracks are included in my favorites playlist:

  1. Art Deco – Lana del Rey
  2. The Sounds in Your Dream – Lydia
  3. Salvatore – Lana del Rey
  4. Watching the Lights – Lydia
  5. Heavy Leather – The Technicolors
  6. Magnets – Disclosure
  7. Tonight You Are Mine – The Technicolors
  8. Silhouette (Latin Skin) – Seahaven
  9. Freak – Lana del Rey
  10. When It Gets Dark Out – Lydia
  11. Drive – Halsey
  12. I’ll Love You Someday – The Technicolors

Alright guys, that’s it! I told you my favorites were short and I wasn’t kidding! What were some things you loved in September?

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