How to Find a Skincare Routine that Works for You

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Hi, I'm Chelsey

Ready for the first beauty post of 2019? (I promise this is the last time I’ll reference the new year, but roll with it.) Twitter is all abuzz with new makeup launches, but, rather than kick off the first beauty post with makeup, I wanted to start at the beginning: skincare. I posted my first IGTV this past Sunday and it shared a little preview into my skincare routine. I am by no means an expert on skincare and can’t recommend or build a routine for you. Instead, here’s what I’m going to do:

  1. Share the products I’ve been using that have helped my skin.
  2. Provide tips to guide you towards building a good skincare routine.
  3. Recommend a few ladies who provide helpful skincare information.

Now that we’ve got the introduction out of the way, it’s time to take a peek into my skincare routine!

farmacy honeymoon glow


My Favorite Skincare Products

Makeup Remover

Makeup remover is a must for me. Many moons ago, I tried makeup wipes and felt like they were grating against my skin. For a while, I was using micellar water. To be honest, I loved micellar water but I just wanted to switch it up after repurchasing it several times. It was then that I landed on my current, and favorite, makeup remover: Boscia’s Makeup Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil.

I’ve been using Boscia’s makeup oil for nearly two years and I don’t plan on switching anytime soon. I like that I can use my hands (rather than a cotton ball) to remove my makeup, and the oil removes mascara without irritating my eyes.

boscia clear complexion cleanser



When it comes to cleanser, I avidly avoid any heavy cream cleansers or other thick products. My skin is oily and cream cleansers never seem to work well for me. Instead, I like cleansers with a more liquid consistency. My go-to cleanser for everyday use is Boscia’s Clear Complexion Cleanser. I’m currently using it as both my day and night cleanser, but when I want a separate nighttime cleanser I’ll purchase Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser.

In general, I like to stick with Boscia for cleansers because they are gentle and effective. As far as quality skincare goes, they’re also one of the more affordable brands sold in Sephora.

drunk elephant skincare routine



Serums are very new to my skincare routine. I started using them in early 2018 and firmly believe they are the primary reason why my skin has improved. I’ve never had terrible skin, but I was starting to experience dry patches (despite being oily) frequently before using serums. Now, my face feels balanced instead of stripped when I finish my skincare routine.

In the daytime, I use Drunk Elephant’s Vitamin C serum daily. It’s expensive but lasts a long time, which I appreciate. I’ve only had to repurchase once since incorporating it into my routine early last year.

At night is where I am still in trial mode. Previously, I was using Drunk Elephant’s Glycolic Night Serum. I absolutely loved it! It’s actually my favorite product from Drunk Elephant, but I wanted to switch it up and try a different product after running out a few months ago. Currently, I’m using Farmacy’s Honeymoon Glow 2-3 times per week at the most. I don’t have any complaints, but I’m undecided on whether I’ll repurchase when I run out or if I’ll go back to Drunk Elephant. Ultimately, both products have worked really well on my skin.

Eye Creams and Moisturizers

I started testing out eye creams when I reached my late twenties and finally landed on a favorite last year. I’m a sucker for anything with “banana” in the name when it comes to makeup or skincare, but the Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Eye Creme is truly worth the hype. It feels good when applying and I find my concealer lasts a bit longer without creasing when I incorporate eye creams in my skincare routine.

Because my skin is oily, I like to use the Origins Matte Moisturizer. It doesn’t totally mattify your face, but it does keep the excess shine a moisturizer typically provides to a minimum.

summer fridays jet lag mask

Face Masks

Last but not least, we have face masks. I became a bit of a face mask enthusiast last year, trying out a few different brands and products with different claims. Even though I don’t like thick products, I make an exception for the Origins Charcoal mask. It isn’t harsh on the skin like Glamglow, but it helps with any breakouts. This is a mask I use on occasion, maybe once every other month whenever my skin is misbehaving due to stress or poor eating.

On a weekly basis, I use Drunk Elephant’s Baby Facial mask. I do wish the product would last a bit longer considering the high price point, but I still purchase it because I find that it helps “reset” my skin. I apply this mask every Sunday, followed by their Marula Oil, and my face feels baby smooth.

The newest face mask I’ve added, especially due to it being winter, is the Summer Fridays Jet Lag mask. I use this mask every other week on Wednesday to give my skin some added moisture. What’s great about this mask is you don’t even have to wash it off if you don’t want to. You can either remove with a warm cloth or let it seep into your skin.


the best skincare routine products

Questions to Ask When Determining Your Skincare Routine

I know. Finding the perfect skincare routine is a daunting task. Even though I have my product types nailed down, I’m still open to exploring different brands within each product type. Before diving headfirst into the skincare section of Sephora and picking up every trendy product, there are a few basic questions to ask yourself that will help filter out some of the noise.

  • What’s your skin type?
  • What age range do you fall under?
  • What are the major concerns you have when it comes to your skin?
  • Do you have normal or sensitive skin?

While those questions may seem fairly simple, they are the kickoff point to finding your perfect skincare routine. With the exception of sheet masks, all skincare is not created equal. What may work for someone else may not work for you–especially if you have totally different skin types and/or concerns.

Once you’ve answered the four questions above, you can narrow your focus down to address your skin concerns. From there, you can take it a step further and learn which ingredients work best for your skin. Aside from consultations, following educated individuals online who specialize in skincare can increase your knowledge in the most digestible way possible.



how to find your skincare routine

Your Skincare Gurus

Skincare is the backbone to flawless makeup application, yet many of us don’t take the time to get a skin consultation and book routine facials. I’m totally guilty of this because I always looked at that kind of thing as a frivolous luxury rather than a necessity, but I’m hoping to change that in 2019.

With that being said, you can still learn about skincare even if you have yet to book a consultation. It’s not a replacement by any means, but I have found it so helpful to grab digestible bits of skincare information from a few of the educated ladies of #skincaretwitter. Each guru I’ve listed below creates informative content and/or offers skin consultations on their own platforms, but I also recommend following their Twitter accounts because they will often share gems of information in clear, digestible tweets.

As with any routine or journey, it’s all about trial and error. Don’t get overwhelmed by the different products that are available everywhere. Take your time, try out one new product at a time, and use it consistently enough to see results (good or bad) before making your final decision.

Shop my skincare picks:

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