Which Fenty Beauty Gloss is Right for You?

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Are you ready to talk Fenty Beauty gloss?

I know the beauty world is buzzing about the new concealers and setting powders just released from Fenty Beauty, but I wanted to take a moment and highlight the lip gloss. After having a standout product in the lip category for the past few years–first lipstick, then liquid lipstick, and then gloss–it appears as though this will finally be the year where we welcome and embrace the variety of lip products in our arsenal.

I have a few lipstick posts and liquid lipstick posts here on the site, but I haven’t shared a review or swatch post of lipgloss. What better way to highlight lipgloss than with a post on the best formula out there: Fenty Beauty.

fenty beauty gloss bomb reviewFenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Review

Before I talk about the differences between each shade, let’s get into the overall review of Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb. When the gloss first dropped and was only available in one shade, I have to admit that it took me a few months to love it. As a first impression, I thought the gloss pulled too much product out of the tube with one application and the peach-vanilla scent was too intense. The excess product wasn’t a huge deal, but the scent was a lot to get used to. I’m not opposed to scented makeup, but the scent was a tad too fruity and strong for someone who prefers muted, spicy scents.

That being said, I rediscovered the product in my stash after shelving it for a month or two and fell in love. The scent was still a bit strong, but the formula completely made up for it. This is the only gloss I have that moisturizes my lips even after the gloss has worn off.

I know $18 may seem a bit steep when you can get Colourpop (another favorite) gloss for the low price of $6, but the hydrating formula and compact packaging that won’t roll off your counter completely make the price worth it. If you are a gloss user, you absolutely need one of the Fenty Beauty glosses. The real challenge is picking which one is perfect for you…and that’s where I come in.

fenty beauty gloss bomb reviewWhich Gloss Bomb is Right for You?

Although only one option was available for the first launch, the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb now comes in three shades:

Do you need all three? Absolutely not. When it comes to lip gloss, you really don’t need a huge collection. Fenty Beauty glosses, in particular, are all pretty sheer with glitter flecks, so the variation in color isn’t significant enough to make you feel like you need all three. That being said, they do have a slight color difference in application. Fenty Glow was the first shade to release, so let’s start there.

fenty beauty gloss bomb reviewFenty Glow

This original shade, to me, has the strongest scent. While the glosses don’t differ in fragrance, the Fenty Glow shade definitely smells the most intense to me. It also is the only gloss of the three that pulls out an excessive amount of product on the wand, so it may have just been a result of the product being the first iteration.

As far as the shade goes, Fenty Glow is a shimmering rose nude. It has a peachy hue with golden flecks and slightly deepens the color of your lips upon application. For this reason, I prefer to stick with Fenty Glow when I’m wearing a lipstick that feels a bit too light. As a personal preference, I don’t usually wear this gloss on its own. The warmer undertone lends itself more to summer looks, so I recommend this shade if you are someone who gravitates towards warm, peachy makeup.

Below are pictures of me wearing the Fenty Glow shade without any additional lip colors added.

fenty beauty gloss bomb review fenty glow swatch

fenty beauty gloss bomb reviewDiamond Milk

On the total opposite side of the spectrum is Diamond Milk. What’s interesting about this shade is I was hesitant while the marketing was being released, but I instantly loved it when I swatched it in-store. Diamond Milk is a shimmering pearl gloss, also fairly sheer upon application.

The scent seems to be toned down with this shade, and I’m grateful. On the lips, Diamond Milk adds a cool-toned frosty hue to any lip color worn and has silver flecks finely milled for added flair. As you may guess with a pearlescent shade, I recommend this option if you are someone who gravitates towards cool-toned makeup. For me, I like wearing this shade in the fall and winter. I’ll wear it on its own during those months, but I prefer pairing it with a cool-toned nude.

Below are pictures of me wearing the Diamond Milk shade without any additional lip colors added.

fenty beauty gloss bomb review diamond milk swatch

fenty beauty gloss bomb reviewFu$$y

The most recent gloss to launch is Fu$$y. This shade is a shimmering dusty pink with what appears to be pink flecks of glitter throughout the sheer gloss. Like Diamond Milk, Fu$$y’s scent isn’t as potent as Fenty Glow. Between the three, this is the only shade I consistently reach for to wear on its own.

The gloss adds a slight rosy tint to your lips that somehow looks amazing. It’s my favorite of the three and to me, feels the most universal in the sense that the color looks the best alone and with lip colors regardless of the undertones. Fu$$y is the shade I would recommend if you are looking for one solid gloss that can be worn year-round, or if you don’t have a preference between warm and cool-toned makeup.

Below are pictures of me wearing the Fu$$y shade without any additional lip colors added.

fenty beauty gloss bomb fu$$y swatch

All in all, I recommend stopping by your local Sephora and swatching Fenty Beauty products. Even if you end up purchasing online, the secret sauce to all products I’ve tried from the brand is in the buttery smooth formulation. Once you swatch a few products and can feel the quality, the hard part will be narrowing it down so you don’t walk away with a bag full of Fenty.

What do you think of the Fenty Beauty line? Have you tried any products?

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