How to Build Your Best Wash Day Routine feat. Formulate

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Let’s talk about hair care. All summer long, I’ve hinted about a new addition to my routine that has made styling my hair so much easier. By the end of this post, you’ll know what I did to create the perfect wash day routine so that you can do the same!

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Know Your Hair Type

Whenever you’re looking to start a new routine, it’s important to know where you are. Prior to embarking on my skincare journey, I found out what skin type I had because as we all know now, there are a few different skin types out there. The same goes for your hair, so you need to know a little about your hair before you can begin shopping around for the right products. You wouldn’t shop for hair care products focused around color-treated hair if yours isn’t dyed, right?

To get the results you’re looking for, know your hair type. Things like texture, color, and moisture-retention are all great starting points, but you don’t have to overthink it with Formulate. What I love about the brand is they ask those questions before you make a purchase. This ensures that you’re getting the right formula for your hair texture so it takes the guesswork out of shopping on your end. For me, I knew going into it that my hair is naturally dry. If you’ve followed the blog for a long time, you know that I use to straighten my hair nearly every day. In recent years, I’m wearing my natural curls (after getting them back from all the heat) most of the time and now straighten it when I feel like switching things up.

I knew my hair moisture was dry and my texture was coily, but I liked that Formulate also went a bit deeper and asked about the thickness of my hair as well as if I have any scalp sensitivity. I’ve noticed that people always assume your hair is thick if you have any sort of curl to it, but my strands are actually quite fine. Volume is something that takes work, which leads me into the next stage of creating your best wash day routine…

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Create Realistic Hair Goals

After you’ve identified what you’re working with, you need to create hair goals! What do you want your products to improve? Are you looking to retain moisture, strengthen your hair, or grow it out? When looking for the perfect hair care products, you have to know where you are and where you want to be.

Formulate seamlessly incorporates this step in their checkout process thanks to their modern hair wizard. After you’ve completed the first step of defining your hair type, you move right into selecting your hair goals! For me, I’m all about deep conditioning and wanting to increase shine while decreasing split ends. Since my hair is fine, I also added preventing thinning and lengthening as hair goals to utilize all 5 spots.

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Find the Right Products

Once you do the pre-work of creating your hair goals, it’s time to do the shopping! In your average hair shopping experience, this part can be overwhelming or frustrating. Even though I have nailed down my styling products, I was never married to any particular shampoo because I simply didn’t find one that met all my needs. Typically, shampoo and conditioner will focus on one of my problem areas or goals but not tackle them all. I also love products with a lingering fragrance, which can surprisingly be hard to find. This is where Formulate stepped in and became the perfect solution.

During the hair wizard process on Formulate’s website, they walk you through the steps of customizing your own shampoo and conditioner fragrance. I always lean on the warm or floral side of the fragrance scale for haircare yet most hair products either smell like a salon or have an artificially sweet scent. With Formulate, I was able to pick from a variety of scents and find the one that suited my taste. You can even control the strength of the fragrance, so it can be subtle if you like something mild or strong if you want something more potent. I went with a fresh scent called Verdant that has a mix of lilies and eucalyptus. I wasn’t sure how potent the strong option would be, so I played it a little safe with the medium potency.

After you finish the wizard, your products are made and shipped to your doorstep!

Be Patient and Consistent

Last but not least, patience is key when creating the perfect wash day routine. You won’t see results overnight. Just like skincare, haircare requires time and consistency. I’ve been using the Formulate shampoo and conditioner for over two months now, and I really love how my natural curls feel moisturized after wash day. The products are sulfate-free so they don’t lather while washing your hair, but that wasn’t a surprise to me because I stopped using sulfate-free shampoo years ago. If you haven’t yet, definitely make the switch!

Formulate’s shampoo in particular, likely due to the custom formula, cleans my hair without stripping it. As a curly girl, there’s nothing worse than washing your hair and having it feel like it’s stripped of any and all moisture. Since using the products, my curls are softer to the touch and I can make my wash-and-go style last longer without adding extra product outside of my usual routine.

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[CLOSED] How to Enter the Formulate Hair Care Giveaway

Now that I’ve shared my tips for creating the best wash day routine, it’s time to talk about the giveaway! As you know, Formulate isn’t your average hair care line. The products are customized based on your needs, which means the giveaway prize is tailored for you! One lucky winner will receive a set of personalized shampoo and conditioner! This means you’ll have the opportunity to use Formulate’s easy-to-follow interface as it guides you through a series of questions, ultimately building your custom haircare!

So, how do you enter? CLICK HERE! Just access my Formulate profile to enter the giveaway, follow the prompts on the screen, and you’re all set! The winner will be notified via e-mail, and every entry receives a consolation prize. Now is the time to take advantage and try out a new, custom haircare routine for free!

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FTC: This post is in partnership with Formulate! All opinions expressed are my own.

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