3 Tips for Covering Your Arms in the Summer

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Welcome back! This post is actually a spur of the moment one, so my apologies in advance for the iPhone pics. Typically, you know I love to use my DSLR for blog photos because of the higher quality when the images are large, but I just loved the interior of the coffee shop Jon and I visited over the weekend! Before I get into the post, I recommend checking out Paramour if you’re in the San Antonio area! It’s a cool and cozy coffee shop with enough jewel-toned couches to fulfill any interior designer’s dream! Although we learned that professional quality photoshoots required an appointment, we were pleased to be able to grab some iPhone pics so that’s what you’re seeing today.

Now, let’s talk about summer fashion.

san antonio tx paramour coffee shop

Outfit Details: PrettyLittleThing top (c/o) | Zara shorts | Steve Madden boots | Sole Society backpack

Last week, I acknowledged the challenge summer style can create for some fashionistas. With the increased heat, it’s time to take a lesson from Drake and wear less while going out more. But how can you do that if you’d prefer to keep certain areas of your body covered? Generally, the top 3 areas people list as one they don’t feel comfortable exposing are the upper legs, the arms, and the stomach.  I talked about how you can wear summer pants and still remain cool recently, but the outfit I wore over the weekend inspired today’s pick: the arms.

styling the sole society backpack

How to Cover Your Arms in Style this Summer

Keep the sleeves loose.

Wearing a tight, long-sleeve top is the last thing you want to do in the summertime. The fitted fabric will create discomfort and friction, only adding to the heat you already feel from the warmer weather. Instead of selecting a skintight option, shop around for blouses with a looser sleeve.

The top featured in today’s post is perfect for those of you who still want a bit of cinching at the wrists. Much like standard office-ready blouses, the top I’m wearing from Pretty Little Thing has a loosely fitted sleeve that is cuffed at the ends to keep the blouse together and structured. This is one of my favorite cuts because this style of sleeve can easily transition from work to weekend.

In the summertime, this style keeps your upper arm area in a breathable yet covered position for maximum comfort.

outfits to cover arms in summer

Pick a sheer or mesh fabric.

Sometimes the weather is just too much to bear, yet you may not want to step out with your full arm exposed. In those instances, you can still wear long sleeves! The key is to pick a top that has sheer or mesh fabric without any additional lining in the sleeves. The semi-sheer fabric creates a barrier so your arms are covered and distorted by the color or pattern of the fabric. The material of the sleeves also keeps you cool because the fabric is lightweight enough to provide movement and let air in.

san antonio tx paramour coffee shop cover arms in summer

Opt for a 3/4 sleeve.

Of course, covering your arms doesn’t have to mean completely diving headfirst into a full-sleeve blouse. In fact, most people who list arms as their trouble area are primarily talking about their upper arms. The good news is, if your upper arms are your trouble spots, you can still show a hint of skin in the summertime by wearing quarter-length sleeves. Expose your forearms and stay covered in style with a quarter-length sleeve blouse.

What tips do you have for remaining cool with covered arms?

how to cover arms in the summer

Shot by Jon Scott | Styled and edited by me

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