The Denim-Free Way to Wear Pants in the Summer

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When do you consider it to to be the summer? I ask because while we are technically still in Spring (the first day of summer is 6/21!), my brain immediately shifts into summer-mode the second we pass Memorial Day Weekend. Here in Texas, we had a heat index of 106 over the weekend so it doesn’t get more summer than that! Since I’ll be talking about denim a little later this month, I wanted to offer an alternate pant solution for those of you who like to stay covered in the summer. If pants aren’t your thing, I previously covered how you can stay covered by wearing long skirts while still keeping your height.

Your Summer Pants Style Guide

summer pants outfit ideas

Outfit Details: Milly pants | Nordstrom top | Aldo shoes | JORD watch | Brook & York necklace | Jenny Bird earrings

Culotte Pants

This is the style I have been indulging in lately and it’s such a cute and comfortable look! Even when we aren’t in the warmer months, I tend to gravitate towards ankle-baring pants. Not only do they feel free, but they’re the perfect style to wear when you want to show off a strappy shoe. The style I’m wearing by Milly has a pinstripe detail that makes it versatile enough to wear from work to weekend, but you can easily pick a culotte that is solid in tone. For a daytime look, try pairing culottes with a bodysuit or fitted tank. If you want to style them for the office, tuck a semi-fitted blouse into your culottes and add a single-sole pump.

how to style a summer pants outfit

Wide Leg Pants

Wide leg pants are high on my love list because they are as comfortable as maxi skirts but give you a bit more flexibility. When it comes to wide leg pants, the key to a successful purchase is finding a pair that fits at the waist and begins to flare out a bit more once they reach your thigh. If the wide leg pants don’t fit around the waist/rear area it can look sloppy and unflattering. With the proper cut, your frame is highlighted without revealing any skin. I’ve found pants with a zip closure rather than an elastic waist with a belt to have the best fit.

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Cigarette Pants

Last but not least are cigarette pants. Cigarette pants in a fun and bright color can be worn in the summer for a resort-chic look. This option is best for those of you who want to bring a little sunshine to your office outfits. They can easily be styled with a graphic tee to dress them down for the weekend, but they look office-ready when styled with a blouse and heels.

Which style will you be rocking this summer?

how to style a summer pants outfit

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