3 Style Tips to Help Elevate Your Basics

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Let’s get back to basics, shall we? When it comes to wearing a simple tee and jeans outfit, you may think it’s a little too plain on its own. Today’s post is a short but helpful one sharing 3 ways you can elevate your basics. The next time you plan on wearing a white tee and jeans kind of outfit, try incorporating one or more of these adjustments and elevate your basics to the next level.

3 Simple Ways to Elevate Your Basics

how to elevate your basics style staple tips

Outfit Details: BP top | Topshop denim | Aldo shoes | Tory Burch bag

1. Add a printed accessory.

One reason I may not reach for a white tee and jeans is that it is typically my relaxed outfit. The simplicity of the look is clean, but it can also feel a bit plain if you aren’t someone who typically wears solid tops. Everyone needs this outfit combination in their wardrobe, but you can elevate the look with accessories.

Adding an accessory with a print is an easy way to give your outfit a style boost. I talked in the past about the snake print trend and how to style it with your wardrobe, and this is the perfect opportunity to give it a test run! I styled a plain white top with denim for this post and added a snake print bag from Tory Burch that helps give the outfit a bit of interest. The gold link chain is a glam detail that makes the bag versatile, but the print keeps it casually chic. When you look at your outfit and feel like it needs a little extra pop, try throwing on a printed shoe or bag.

rent the runway tory burch gemini snake print bag

2. Swap the tee for a strapless option.

Everyone loves the plain white tee! One way to elevate this basic is by completely swapping it out for a strapless version. Instead of grabbing a classic white tee to pair with your favorite denim, try wearing a white cotton top that has a different neckline. A halter top looks flirty and fun while a strapless or one-shoulder top can easily transition to a date night top.

I styled a white tube top from Nordstrom with my denim and love how it turned out. Swapping the neckline for a different cut can make your outfit appear to be more thought out than it actually was. In the summertime, this tip is especially helpful because going for a strapless option will keep you cooler throughout the day.

how to style your basics

3. Try a different hem.

I’ll go into more detail with this month’s style staple (hint hint), but one additional way to elevate your basics is to try out a different hem! This rule specifically applies to denim because I know we can all get in our comfort zone with jeans and stay there. Trust me, I get it. Once you find a good pair of jeans, you want to live in them forever and wear that style until the wheels fall off. That being said, a different hem or cut can totally change your look!

I typically wear skinny jeans and have recently started adding different styles to my wardrobe for a bit of variety. In this post, the jeans I’m wearing have a unique raw edge hem and are a straight leg fit so they balance out the fitted top more than my go-to pair of jeans would have. If trying different styles intimidates you, start small and look for a pair with a distressed hem!

how to style a white tube top

What are some ways you elevate your basics?

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