The 10 Best Ways to Style a Trench Coat

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It’s time to continue with the wardrobe staples series! As a reminder, I kicked off this series with an introductory post sharing exactly what wardrobe staples are and talking about why it’s important to have them in your closet. If you stumbled upon this post and didn’t read that one yet, stop what you’re doing and click here. You definitely want to get the fundamentals of wardrobe staples before diving into each feature.

Breaking down the Style Staples

We’re about halfway through the series already! If you missed the previous features, below are all of the posts within the series so far:

This month, we’re talking about a style staple I’ve had to reach for more than I expected during the spring season: THE CLASSIC TRENCH COAT.

trench coat outfit ideas

Outfit Details: A New Day coat | Re/Done t-shirt | Target denim | Crown Vintage boots | Sole Society backpack

Why the Trench is a Closet Staple

If you don’t follow me on Instagram, then you may not know that I went back to New York recently! The first time I went, I vlogged most of my trip so you were able to see a glimpse into the trip as well as the outfits I wore. This time around, I skipped the vlogging component because not only was I pretty much in go-mode every day (averaging 5-7 miles of walking per day), but I also didn’t have a spare hand! For most of the trip, it was cold and raining so I was walking through the streets of New York with an umbrella occupying one hand. Thankfully, it was a constant yet fairly light rain so it didn’t put a damper on the trip by any means. It was actually nice to experience a different season in the city and see how different it is in comparison to Texas. Despite it being Spring, I needed a jacket every day. This is where the trench coat came in handy.

trench coat outfit ideas

When it’s the middle of spring and a cold or rainy day comes into play, you won’t want to reach for a heavy duty winter coat. This is why it’s important to have a trench coat in your wardrobe. This staple is durable enough to withstand cooler climates but also lightweight enough to throw on and off throughout the year. If you have yet to find the perfect trench, I recommend shopping for one on the higher-end. While the jacket featured in today’s post is from Target, it was my very first venture into wearing trench coats and I wasn’t quite sure how much wear I’d get out of it. Knowing that it is a jacket I can wear year-round (much like the leather jacket for some), I have it on my list to swap for an investment piece once this affordable option gets too old.

If you don’t have an investment piece or an affordable option yet, I’ve curated a selection below to help get you started.

How to Style the Classic Trench Coat

One thing that held me back from picking up this style staple for so long was that I simply wasn’t sure how I could maximize the purchase. In my mind, I knew it was a staple but I needed to figure out how it could effortlessly work within my personal style. Since purchasing the coat last year, I have found a few key ways to style it that can carry you through any season. Below are 10 outfit combinations you can use to get the most wear out of your trench coat:

trench coat outfit ideas

  1. Trench Coat + White Tee + Straight Leg Jeans + Chunky Sneakers
  2. Trench Coat + Graphic Tee + Black Skinny Jeans + Studded Boots
  3. Trench Coat + Button Down + Cigarette Pants + Single-Sole Pump
  4. Trench Coat + Lightweight Pullover + Denim Shorts + Ankle Boots
  5. Trench Coat + Fitted Midi Dress + Single-Sole Sandal
  6. Trench Coat + Long-Sleeve Top + Printed Mini Skirt + Boots
  7. Trench Coat + Blush Blouse + Red Trousers + Nude Heels
  8. Trench Coat + White Blouse + Tan Pencil Skirt + Heels
  9. Trench Coat + Olive Tee + Boyfriend Jeans + Single-Sole Sandals
  10. Trench Coat + Mustard Blouse + Paperbag Waist Shorts + Single Sole Sandals

For even more outfit ideas, be sure to follow me on Pinterest! I have a board dedicated just to trench and camel coat outfits that I think you’ll enjoy.

trench coat outfit ideas

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