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One big “craze” that’s hit the internet shopping world over recent years is the idea of a monthly subscription service that caters to your style. As a general guideline, the appeal with using a monthly subscription site is that the site acts as your own personal stylist. Each month, you’re presented with a few products that fit your taste preference based off of a quiz taken at registration. From that product selection, you can pick one thing or skip the monthly fee if you don’t see anything you like.

I’m a member of a few subscription sites, but I always find myself skipping the months or wanting more than one item each month. While most subscription sites are similar, Le Tote is one that stands out among the crowd. I was recently approached to try out their service, and I’m pleasantly surprised by the brand.


What’s different about Le Tote?

  1. Monthly rental service
  2. Each bag contains more than one product
  3. Unlimited access to the latest trends
  4. No return dates or late fees

That’s right, Le Tote is a¬†monthly rental service for fashion lovers looking for trendy clothes and accessories. After completing an initial style profile, the stylists at Le Tote create looks that fit your taste preferences and send you a few items in a personalized tote. The biggest difference between Le Tote and other subscription services is that the monthly rate is $49(or $19 if you only want accessories) no matter how many tote bags you go through within the month. Each tote bag contains three clothing items and two accessories that you can keep for as long as you see fit. Once you’re finished showcasing the looks around town, send the items back and you’ll get another tote within a few days.

When I was in college, I used a textbook rental service (Chegg.com) that left me with a positive impression on the concept of renting rather than owning. The best part about it at that time was that I didn’t have a closet filled with useless textbooks once each semester was over. When it comes to fashion, I am definitely a hoarder. Using a rental service lets me get my fashion fix without cluttering my closet.


As far as the customer service goes, I appreciated how fast the tote arrived. My apartment complex had my package waiting in their office for nearly a full week after it arrived because they forgot to put a note in my mailbox letting me know I had a package, but that was due to disorganization on their part. I looked up my tracking number for the tote bag, and it was delivered two days after receiving an email letting me know it was on its way. The process from creating an account to receiving a tote bag only took a total of four days!

My first tote bag has a good variety of casual and dressy items, which gives me the opportunity to express sides of my fashion personality I normally neglect. The sizes fit perfectly, and each item feels like high quality fabric. Be sure to check out Le Tote’s website for more information on their service so you can try it out for yourself! Below are a few snapshots from outfit posts featuring the Le Tote clothing items:

katemosslip 23 19 18

Are you a member of any monthly retail subscription services? What do you think of them?

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  1. This is a great informative review! I am not involved in any monthly subscriptions but I know a lot of people love them! Do you have to sign a long term contract?

    FashionEdible Blog

  2. Chelsey says:

    For me, monthly subscriptions have really helped keep my fashion inspiration fresh. They don’t have long term contracts! That’s the best part. It’s a month to month thing and you can cancel any time you wish!

  3. Oh, that’s great!

  4. Serena says:

    I just received my first tote from LE TOTE today. See my first impression with my tote bag: http://sfashion903.blogspot.com/

  5. BlueSkies says:

    Definitely recommend giving CoutureSqd a go too. My last box had a silk shirt, a Vera Wang blouse, and two very cute dresses. And it was just $35!! http://www.couturesqd.com


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