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Hi, I'm Chelsey

Phone cases are a dime a dozen. They’re so easy to find that it’s actually a little intimidating when blindly searching for a phone case without a particular style in mind. After browsing Etsy and Amazon, I went to Coolspotters for a few ideas and came across a phone case that totally fit my style. I visited the brand website,, and fell in love.


Wildflower is an iPhone case company launched by Michelle Carlson in April of 2012. Based out of Los Angeles, the successful small business is geared towards the teen crowd looking for trendy phone accessories. Michelle finds (and makes) unique fabric designs, and then creates a limited amount of phone cases from each batch of fabric.

Celebrity exposure has helped the brand reach a wider audience, which in turn extended the delivery time for each case. After all, they are a new small business. When I ordered the floral case on a Saturday, the confirmation email informed me that it could take 2-5 weeks for the item to be shipped. Much to my surprise, I received another email the following Tuesday letting me know my item was dropped off at the post office! The phone case was in my mailbox the next day! I ordered the sugar skull case the day after ordering the floral print, and that one came in the mail on Thursday.


Both items only took 5 days from placing them in my shopping cart to getting them in the mail. On the second order, my packing slip had a handwritten thank you on it, which I thought was so endearing. Little personal touches like that are one of the things I love about small businesses. I wondered if Michelle wrote that ‘Thank You’ because she realized the same person ordered two cases in two days, haha.

The cases are $35 each, which is about the average price for a regular designer brand phone case. These are uniquely handmade and great quality, so I definitely thought the price was worth it. To stay up-to-date with upcoming iPhone 4/4s/5 cases, be sure to follow the brand on Instagram and Twitter. (And also because their pictures are really pretty.)


What do you think of Wildflower Cases? I’ve received a ton of compliments already, and I’ve only had the cases for a few days.

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  1. Ohhh, the cases are so cute!!


  2. Malin says:

    Nice blog!! would you mind following each other via bloglovin? 🙂


    Malin @

  3. Michelle says:

    Hi Chelsey,

    We’ve said it before and just wanted to say it again, THANK YOU!!! We’re so happy you love our cases and sincerely appreciate you posting a blog about us too!!! LOVE YOU and keep up the great work!

    Michelle and the Wildflower girls

    • Chelsey says:

      Thank you guys! I appreciate your amazing customer service, and it’s been such a pleasure watching your brand grow over the past year! I’ll be ordering that new donut case this weekend!


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