What to Wear to the Office Holiday Party

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It’s the most beautiful time of the year, yet also one filled with social obligations! For every celebratory event, there’s a festive outfit either buried deep in your closet or hanging on the rack at your favorite store, just waiting for you to discover it. 

Today, I’m focusing on the holiday party outfit that you’d wear to your office event. Why? For one, this outfit is typically the most challenging one to select and style. Once you find an office-appropriate outfit, you then have the option of maximizing its ROI by repurposing it for the other festive events on your social calendar. While you may be thinking there’s no way you’d wear a conservative office outfit to your weekend party, the options below may change your mind. 

Remember: Office-appropriate doesn’t have to equal boring. 


J Crew dress | Aldo shoes

Office Holiday Party Outfits

The Metallic Midi Dress

Metallic silver and gold dresses are the perfect alternatives to the traditional holiday colors of red and green. You can still be festive without wearing bold colors by opting for a metal sheen. The fabric isn’t as loud as full-on glitter or sequined outfits, so you can still keep it toned down. A dress at midi length maintains the conservative tone of an office party. Even if your workplace is a bit more relaxed than the traditional office setting, it’s still a good idea to err on the conservative side when it comes to the dress length. As a general rule of thumb, the more corporate the job, the longer the dress. 

The dress I’m wearing in this post is from J. Crew, and despite being a mini-dress kind of girl, I loved the length of this option. I kept the dress as-is, but you can even add a cardigan or blazer on top if you don’t feel comfortable wearing thin straps to an office event.

what to wear to an office holiday party

The Sequined Suit

Dresses aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, so don’t force it! If the thought of wearing a dress feels overwhelming, your best bet is to go the suit route. I love the look of a well-tailored suit. Even outside of holiday events, you should aim to have one in your wardrobe. 

When it comes to office holiday parties, you can celebrate in style with a slim cigarette pant and sequined blazer. A black sequined blazer layered on top of a jewel-toned blouse will add hints of holiday flair without being over-the-top. To finish the look, style the blazer with a tuxedo-inspired tapered pant and black heels. 

For those of you looking to maximize your wardrobe, the sequined suit is surprisingly easy to pull apart and increase your ROI once the holiday events are over.

  • A slim black pant is a wardrobe staple for officewear, so you can easily mix it into your weekly rotation and swap the blazer for a classic white blouse.
  • The sequined blazer may feel a bit intimidating, but it’s easy to style from work to weekend. You can wear the sequined blazer with a graphic tee and straight leg denim to create an elevated blazer and tee outfit or throw it over a little black dress for a girl’s night out.

Be sure to follow my How to Style a Suit board on Pinterest for even more outfit inspiration.

holiday party outfit ideas for work

The Plaid Skirt

The most festive option of them all is the plaid skirt. I still recommend sticking with a midi length, but you can certainly opt for a traditional pencil skirt length as appropriate. A plaid skirt with red accents paired with an eggshell blouse or semi-fitted sweater is the trendiest option of the three outfits included, so wear it with confidence!

Does a holiday event mean you need to go out and buy something new? Not necessarily. Unless you’re choosing the metallic dress option, you likely have components of each outfit in your wardrobe. Even then, picking up one or two new items to create the outfits mentioned above is much better than finding everything from head to toe.  

3 Outfits to Wear to the Office Holiday Party

  1. The metallic midi dress
  2. The sequined tuxedo
  3. The plaid skirt 

For even more outfit ideas, follow my Holiday Party Outfits board on Pinterest!

Which outfit option is your preferred holiday look?

how to wear metallics to the office

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