How to Keep Your Loungewear from Looking Boring

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Welcome back to another fashion post! This week, I posted a haul video on YouTube sharing some cozy loungewear pieces I’ve purchased over the past few weeks. With most of us still working and going to school remotely, it can feel a bit pointless to purchase traditional officewear right now. Instead, you can create a workwear look from home that is both fashionable and comfortable using your favorite loungewear pieces. Gone are the days where loungewear meant basic and boring. One highlight from the past year is that fashion transformed to focus more on elevated basics. Today’s post is all about how you can style cute loungewear outfits by adjusting your shopping cart with a few useful tweaks.

styling cute loungewear outfits

Do This to Style Cute Loungewear Outfits

Introduce a new color.

I’m definitely a “does it come in black?” kind of shopper, but loungewear is the perfect category to play around with color. Introducing color in your wardrobe can feel a little intimidating, so it’s a good idea to start small with cozy loungewear before branching out to your staple wardrobe. There’s less pressure since you primarily wear loungewear at home (although my tips will help you wear them out on the street as well), and that reduced pressure means it’s easy to try new things!

Try these colors to effortlessly transition to spring:

    • Sage green
    • Periwinkle blue
    • Salmon pink
    • Soft lavender
    • Ivory white
    • Sandstone

What colors do you constantly pin yet never wear? Now is the time to pick up a sweater or knit tee in that shade. I hardly ever wear periwinkle blue, but the sweatshirt selection at Target caught my eye and inspired this tip! You know what? I love how the color looks on my skin tone! In addition to expanding my color palette, introducing a new color through loungewear adds interest to the item. It’s easy to fall in a gray sweatpants rut and feel indifferent about your cozy style. Color kicks it up a notch and helps you create cute loungewear outfits with ease.

cute loungewear outfits with biker shorts

Zara top | Forever 21 shorts | Jenny Bird earrings

Experiment with fabrics.

Standard biker shorts? Boring. Leather biker shorts? Stunning. You get the idea. Swapping your go-to loungewear fabrics for more fashionable options can elevate your style even if you’re just staying at home. This tip is especially useful for loungewear bottoms, as there are so many options available in stores right now. With everyone reaching for sweatpants and hoodies for the past year, we’re all itching to incorporate variety in our wardrobe.

Before you write off the possibility of silk, linen, and leather, add one of these fabrics to your cart and see how you like the fit! The leather biker shorts featured in today’s post are surprisingly just as comfortable as a standard pair, and I love that I can mix it up with a graphic tee or ribbed tank to increase the ROI. Alternately, you can also try out satin joggers if you’re into sweatpants.

cute and cozy lounge style

Target sweater | Forever 21 jumpsuit

Play around with necklines.

One of my favorite ways to repurpose cozy clothes into cute loungewear outfits is by playing around with necklines. Asymmetrical cuts elevate your basics to trendy and interesting pieces, so shop around for loungewear tops with a unique take on your favorite staples. With this option, you take the guesswork out of styling and you can stick with your favorite neutral color palette since the neckline will make a statement.

Need some ideas? Try out:

    • Tank tops with one sleeve
    • Ribbed shirts with a high neckline
    • Oversized sweaters for an off-the-shoulder look
    • Long-sleeve tops with a peek-a-boo neckline

Ultimately, the key to keeping your loungewear interesting is to shop for pieces that have an extra feature–color, cut, fabric.

how to style comfortable clothes at home

Target sweatshirt | Forever 21 jumpsuit

3 Ways to Elevate Your Loungewear Style

To recap, below are the three ways you can create cute loungewear outfits with ease:

  1. Introduce a new color
  2. Try out different fabrics
  3. Play around with necklines

What’s your go-to loungewear style?

For more inspiration, be sure to watch the cozy loungewear haul posted on the Venti Fashion YouTube page!

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