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It’s finally time to close out the 2015 Style Resolutions. Each quarter I’ve updated you all with how my resolutions were holding up, and now it’s time for the final update. If you missed any of the previous posts, check them out below:

As indicated in the previous posts, I surprisingly completed all but one resolution before this last quarter even started. In addition to finding out whether or not the final resolution was completed, I’ll also share today what my overall thoughts are with the resolutions–what worked, what didn’t, etc.

Lancome-Teint-Idole-FoundationResolution #1: Invest in a quality foundation routine

  • How did I do? 
    • Surprisingly well! This was the first resolution I completed for the year, and it happened within the first few months of 2015. The end result? Lancôme Teint Idole 24H Foundation is my go-to quality foundation.
  • What worked?
    • Achieving this goal was pretty much the luck of the draw.  I had a handful of foundations in mind to try out throughout the year, Lancôme Teint Idole foundation just happened to be one of my first purchases.
  • What didn’t work?
    • Although I lucked out, this resolution would have been even better with specificity. If you want to begin the hunt for a quality foundation routine as a 2016 resolution, my advice is to get specific: what formulation of foundation are you looking for? Does this include setting powder and concealer? How many foundations do you plan on testing out, and at what frequency?

Boscia-Black-SkincareResolution #2: Find a good skincare routine

  • How did I do?
    • This was the most challenging resolution, and I honestly didn’t think I would end the year with marking this one as complete. Unexpectedly, I found my new skincare routine in Sephora this month. Because I plan on posting an updated skincare post that goes into more detail, for now I will say that my new routine is primarily Boscia products.
  • What worked?
    • The one thing that really aided in finding a skincare routine was Sephora’s beauty reward redemptions. I rarely redeem my beauty points, so I had enough saved up to pick up the 500-point skincare boxes anytime Sephora had one that caught my eye. Not only did it save money, but it also allowed me to try out things without needing a full-sized product.
  • What didn’t work?
    • I remember feeling overwhelmed with this resolution, so the one thing that didn’t work was the lack of clarity. If you want to focus on finding a skincare routine, decide on what type of products you want to shop for. Are you focusing more on natural products or high-end brands? Are you wanting to target your skin type or a specific skin concern?

Christian-Louboutin-So-Kate-Haul-6Resolution #3: Add more “business” in my business casual

  • How did I do?
    • There’s always room for improvement, but I would consider this resolution complete.
  • What worked?
    • The quarterly check-ins definitely helped with this resolution in particular because it was fairly easy to forget about otherwise.
  • What didn’t work?
    • Following the trend, I wish I would have created more actionable, specific goals within the resolution. During the spring, I focused more on wearing heels. In the current season, I’m primarily focused on ditching my go-to lazy day hairstyle. Starting the year with small quarterly objectives that feed into the main resolution would have been helpful.

Day Two Music Festival OutfitsResolutions #4: Shop my closet more often

  • How did I do?
    • I surprisingly did a great job with this resolution. This year helped me realize I find more joy in putting money towards memories like events or live shows rather than solely shopping for new items. Of course I still enjoy shopping on occasion, but I definitely put more thought into whether or not something will be a worthwhile purchase.
  • What worked?
    • This resolution was pretty straightforward, and it’s one I think a lot of people should consider carrying into the new year. It worked because it was practical and required no additional resources.
  • What didn’t work?
    • There wasn’t anything that didn’t work with this resolution, but an added step would be to keep track of how much I spent on clothes in the current year versus previous years to see the monetary impact.

style-resolutionssResolutions #5: For every new purchase, donate an old item

  • How did I do?
    • Another successful resolution. I’d love to minimize the amount of stuff I have, and incorporating this resolution into the year was a great start.
  • What worked?
    • Another straightforward resolution, this one worked because it went hand in hand with another resolution of mine. If I don’t have anything to donate, there’s no justification in purchasing a new item.
  • What didn’t work?
    • Because I found it easier to store the donated items until I had enough to take to Goodwill, one thing I would change for the future is to keep a donation box readily available. It would help streamline the process.

Overall, this year was the most successful with completing my style resolutions. The only major thing that changed between this year and my previous attempts was the accountability factor. Splitting the yearly goal review into quarterly check-ins really helped with keeping myself on track. I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to keep. The style resolutions tradition alive in 2016 (simply because I haven’t thought of any yet), but if I do, the quarterly check-ins will be a must.

How did your resolutions go this year?

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