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2015 feels like it just arrived, yet we’re already at the halfway mark. Since we’re saying goodbye to the second quarter of the year, it’s time to check the status of our resolutions!

Once again, use this time to think about the status of your resolutions as you read through my progress and setbacks. Start to reflect on the past few months and ask yourself: Are you any closer to your goal? Have you made progress with your resolutions? If not, what challenges are you facing and how can you overcome them? If you missed the original post, be sure to click here and check that out, as well as the first quarterly check-in


Resolution #1: Find a good skincare routine.

  • Status: In Progress. Since the last check-in, I have tested out another skincare routine. The first attempt, which was African Black Soap, didn’t agree with my skin type. As you may recall from the Boscia Skincare Haul, I got to try out Boscia products for free. I’m getting towards the end of each product, so I’ll post a full review at a later date. For now, I would say this resolution has definitely taken a step in the right direction.
  • Challenges: The challenge with this resolution hasn’t changed since the last check-in. Time is still the main hurdle that I’m not able to cross, but I’ve managed to make good progress despite that fact.
  • Reflection: I’m actually enjoying this resolution. Skincare can be extremely overwhelming, but changing it into a resolution that’s worked on throughout the year helps ease the feeling of needing the best product upon first purchase.


Resolution #2: Invest in a quality foundation routine

  • Status: Complete. I really lucked out with this resolution because I found my quality foundation early on in the year. I’m so satisfied with Lancome Teinte Idole Ultra 24h Foundation that I don’t intend on continuing this search. Now that it’s summer, I’ve switched back to my summer foundation…perhaps I can search for a quality pressed powder?
  • Challenges: Considering I’ve successfully accomplished this resolution, I no longer have any challenges.
  • Reflection: I used to think high-end foundation was just a ploy for more money, but I’ve realized the ingredients truly work better with my skin. When it comes to drugstore makeup, I’ve essentially narrowed it down to only eye and lip products.


Resolution #3: Put more Business in my Business Casual

  • Status: An ongoing mission! Since the last check-in, I’ve made huge strides in the professional department. On average, I would wear heels 1-2 a month. Now, I’ve increased that average to 2-3 a week. I mentioned in the last check-in that I wanted to spend the next quarter focusing on comfort, and that definitely helped this resolution get started. Although I wear heels more often, a majority of the ones I’ve found are comfortable enough to wear all day.
  • Challenges: The challenge was comfort previously, but now that I have the footwear down, my main challenge is variety. I tend to lean on the comfortable heels as my crutch, so I’d like to make an effort with switching the shoes more frequently.
  • Reflection: For this next quarter, I’d like to incorporate more of my work outfits into the blog. Not only will it provide additional content for you all, but it will almost serve as my own personal catalog of work attire. Sometimes I forget what I wore, so that would help with incorporating more variety into the work week.



Resolution #4: Shop my closet more often

  • Status: In progress. I would mark this as complete, but it’s more of an evergreen resolution. The last check-in mentioned this resolution was on hold because I purged my closet and hadn’t replenished. Since then, I’ve added a good amount of items into my closet that should help with this resolution.
  • Challenges: This is a bit silly, but my main challenge here is the need to purchase more pants. It’s pretty clear from my outfit posts that I love black pants. I wear black pants at least twice a week, and I own five different pairs. Regardless of price point, they’ve all faded due to the smothering amount of love I give them. Black pants are a fashion staple, so shopping my closet increases the amount of times I wash them, which in turn causes them to fade at a rapid rate.
  • Reflection: I quite like this resolution. It has decreased the amount of impulse purchases I have, and my shopping habits are more fine-tuned. When I try things on now, I think more practically about how often I would wear the new piece and whether or not it’s something that is versatile.


Resolution #5: For every new item, donate an old one.

  • Status: Complete for now. When I purged my closet, I consigned and donated all of the old clothes before restocking my closet. I don’t have anything left to donate at the moment since everything is either new or a long-term love, so this resolution was a success.
  • Challenges: I didn’t have any challenges with this resolution because I enjoy trying to minimize the amount of “stuff” I have.
  • Reflection: Although this is considered complete, I’m thinking that I’ll try and donate more items once we transition into fall.

I must admit, my style resolutions are progressing better than they ever have before! I think having these quarterly check-ins help to keep me on track.

How are your style resolutions holding up?

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