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Nordstrom chunky knit scarf outfit Nordstrom chunky knit scarf outfit Nordstrom chunky knit scarf outfit Nordstrom chunky knit scarf outfit Nordstrom chunky knit scarf outfitWhat I’m Wearing: Blank NYC jacket | Levi’s denim | Steve Madden boots | Nordstrom scarf | Urban Outfitters top (similar) | Target hat

What a time, am I right? This was a pretty emotional weekend, to say the least. I’m hoping most of you took the time to practice a little self-care over the weekend. I spent most of Saturday watching all of the Women’s March coverage, which was insanely inspiring. On top of that, I finally started to clear out my Netflix queue while decluttering my closet. While I didn’t get very far in the queue, I did watch Zootopia! I know I’m very late to the Zootopia love, but can we just acknowledge how good that movie is? Is it even marketed as a kids movie? The entire time I was watching it, the film felt like a movie targeted towards adults despite the animated characters. Hope you had a pleasant weekend!

On Sunday, I managed to be productive outdoors and squeeze in a photoshoot, which will be featured on the blog soon. As for today’s outfit post, it reminds me of Pinterest. I actually referred to this look as “the Pinterest outfit” and I think it’s because of the glasses/hat/scarf combination. I don’t wear glasses even though I probably should, but how cute are the frames styled with this outfit? The glasses are prescription and actually belong to my friend, but they align with what my prescription would probably be.

Adding a quirky accessory like glasses made this outfit feel a bit different from my usual style but in a fun way. Adding a yellow scarf to the classic black and white outfit gave it even more character. Little accessories like scarves or glasses can be used to test out new styles without completely reinventing your wardrobe. The next time you feel like you’re headed towards a style rut, pick up an accessory outside of your usual color palette and see how it makes you feel.

How did you spend the weekend?

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