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The Ultimate Self-Care Kit with PopSugar Must Have Box-1It’s safe to say emotions are a bit high for a lot of us right now. Whether you’re staying up to date with the news or you’re simply trying to live your best life, the days can get a tad stressful. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day activities and forget to take a moment for yourself. This year, let’s commit to making ourselves a priority and focusing on our wellbeing. As I mentioned in The Face Mask Edit, I got a leg up on health by sticking to a consistent workout schedule of 5x a week before 2016 ended. Now that I’ve stuck with exercising long enough for it to become a habit, I’m looking to add in a few additional self-care practices to make sure I feel balanced and content.

Popsugar sent me this box to try and I was pleasantly surprised when I realized their January Must Have Box focused around health and well-being. The timing couldn’t have been better, so I wanted to share the contents with you all to serve as a starting point for creating your very own self-care kit. Keep reading below to see what you need in your ultimate self-care kit, and find out how to get the next Popsugar Must Have Box.

7 Product Ideas for Your Self-Care Kit

The Ultimate Self-Care Kit with PopSugar Must Have Box-11. A Pampering Facial Product | For Skincare

Included in Popsugar’s box is the Goldfaden MD Fresh-A-Peel Acid Resurfacing Peel. I’ve only tried one facial peel before, so I’m curious how my skin will take to this one. Goldfaden is a natural skin care line, which automatically piqued my interest. The peel removes dead skin cells and helps to reveal softer, brighter skin. Whatever product you choose, make sure it’s something that benefits your skin and is calming.

2. A Hair Wrap Towel | For Haircare

The hair wrap towel from Daily Concepts was the first thing I used from the self-care box. I live by these quick-drying towels when I wear my hair straight because going from freshly washed to pin straight is already a long enough process. The Daily Concepts hair wrap towel is made with microfibers that keep frizz and flyaways at bay while soaking up excess water to minimize the blow-dry time. A hair towel like this one is essential because you can quickly wrap your hair and continue with your self-care routine while your hair dries.

3. A Yoga Mat or Towel | For Exercise

A self-care kit wouldn’t be complete without something to assist with your workouts. This box came with Manduka’s eQua Yoga Mat Towel, and I’m looking forward to throwing it over my yoga mat. The funny thing is, I used to have a routine of running on the treadmill in the morning and doing yoga at night. Because I can feel the current events taking a toll on my well-being, I incorporated yoga into my workout routine for February prior to receiving this box.

The Ultimate Self-Care Kit with PopSugar Must Have Box-14. A Desk Calendar or Planner | For Organization

For some organization, the Must Have Box included a super cute desk calendar with a mini stand by May Designs. I always have calendars and planners within arms reach. It may seem odd to include something like a calendar in a self-care kit, but planning out my day, week, or month is crucial to clearing my mind.

5. A Relaxing Candle | For the Home

Could I really talk about self-care without including a candle? Of course not! I talked previously about how candles can help create a cozy vibe during the wintertime, but they’re also an essential for those self-care days. Popsugar’s candle selection is right up my alley–Glade’s Coconut and Beach Woods candle. The soy candle is layered with coconut, beach woods, star fruit, and hibiscus. It reminds me of a mix between Oceanside and Coconut Leaves, two of my favorite daytime candles from Bath and Body Works. Whether you prefer a luxury candle or something that can quickly be purchased at a local grocery store, there’s a scent out there to meet your needs.

The Ultimate Self-Care Kit with PopSugar Must Have Box-16. A Book or Booklet of Positivity | For the Mind

There are tons of books out there focused on self-help, positivity, and overall wellness. I suggest picking up at least one even if you’re more of a fiction reader. If you need quick pick-me-ups, something like the Instant Happy Notes from Sourcebooks would make a great alternative. They were inside the Popsugar Must Have Box this month, and I think the concept is so appropriate right now. The booklet is filled with sticky notes that have inspirational quotes and illustrations on them. You can keep them at your desk (like I do) and flip to a new note each day for a shot of positivity. Because they’re sticky notes, you could even take them to your office and leave sticky positivity notes to your co-workers as a random act of kindness.

7. A Soothing Tea | For Comfort

Coffee is for productivity, tea is for comfort. There’s something about tea that just instantly makes me feel calm. I hadn’t tried Dean & Deluca tea prior to receiving this box, but I’m so glad the peppermint loose leaf tea was included. I tend to prefer teas like this one because it’s on the lighter side, not to mention it smells incredible. The added bonus with choosing a peppermint tea for your self-care kit is it helps with digestion, so you’re knocking out comfort and health with a single item.

The Ultimate Self-Care Kit with PopSugar Must Have Box-1The goal is to create a self-care kit that will ease your mind, body, and soul. It’s essentially a pamper day with mental health and wellness included. If you loved the products included in the January box, you can click here to get your very own PopSugar Must Have Box! These subscription boxes are delivered each month with full-sized fashion, beauty, and home products. While the value of each box totals over $100, the subscription itself is less than half of that at $39.95 per month.

P.S. You can use my discount code SHOP5 to get $5 off your first box! If you’re curious, you can even view what previous boxes have included here.

What self-care products do you use?

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Start creating your own self-care kit by shopping the products below:

FTC: This post is #sponsored by Popsugar. As always, all opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Keoshia says:

    Great post, love this box, definitely geared toward self-care. I love tea as well the peppermint tea looks good. Also like the idea of the hair wrap being included.

  2. Hi I followed your link from the Blog to Biz Hive. I am very interested in Self Care methods and ideas. I think that most people really need to focus more on taking care of themselves better. I know I do! You had some great ideas and product recommendations!

    • Chelsey says:

      Hi, Jennifer! Thanks for enjoying the post! I completely agree.I think most of the time we get so wrapped up in the day to day that we forget to take time for our own health and well-being. Self-care kits are a step in the right direction!


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