The Airport Essentials | 7 Items to Bring On Your Next Flight

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It’s currently 5:15am in Hawaii, and I’m sitting outside on the oceanfront balcony of my temporary home, listening to the sounds of the ocean while writing this post. As someone who doesn’t naturally have that desire to travel and hates flying, it’s a totally surreal experience that I never placed at the top of my bucket list. Unfortunately, today is our last full day here so I’m thinking about the long flight back. I brought a few things with me to ensure my flight experience is as comfortable as possible, and these are all items I’d suggest to anyone for their next flight.

For Comfort

  • Comfortable shoes
  • Cozy sweater
  • Sunglasses

I used to wear flip flops to the airport because they were quick and easy to slip on and off through the TSA checkpoints, but who wants to step on a public floor barefoot? Not only that, but the flight could be cold (hence the sweater) or you may have to trek through a large airport to your next gate if you’re on a connecting flight. With  all those factors in mind, comfortable shoes like sneakers or running shoes will get the job done and ensure you’re prepared for the unexpected. I wore my Nike Juvenate sneakers because they feel lightweight like the Nike Free Runs but also have a soft cushion in the sole.

A cozy sweater or jacket is also a must-have because who wants to sit on a freezing flight for long hours? My flight provided blankets for everyone, but that isn’t always a guarantee. It’s best to come prepared with your own outerwear so you know you’re covered. The grey knit sweater is from Forever 21, but I actually ended up swapping it for my workout jacket from Target to save a little space in my suitcase. Sunglasses are always a necessity for me because my eyes are sensitive to light,  but at the airport they also shield your makeup-free, tired eyes to help you look put together. The ultimate “I woke up like this” pair of sunglasses I own are the On the Prowl shades from Quay Australia, pictured above.

For Self-Care

  • Chapstick
  • Hand Cream

Is there anything worse than feeling like your hands or dry and your lips are chapped, only to reach into your bag and realize you packed your chapstick in your checked baggage? A few weeks before my flight, I picked up the L’Occitane hand cream from Sephora after letting curiosity get the best of me. I’ve heard a lot of positive reviews mention how smooth your hands feel after applying their cream, and how long it seems to keep them moisturized. In the short time that I’ve used it so far, I completely agree. I like it so much that I even ended up grabbing a gift set for my mom here in Hawaii.

For those pesky chapped lips, I brought the Best Damn Beauty lip mask instead of my usual Chapstick. It kept my lips moisturized on the flight and also was a must-have base on the nights that I wore liquid lipstick.

For Boredom

  • A book or magazine
  • Headphones and music

Are you someone who like to read but never has the time? Well, a long flight is the perfect time to knock out some of the books on your to-read list. I brought Aliza Licht’s Leave Your Mark book with me, and also purchased Aziz Ansari’s Modern Romance while at LAX, a book I continue to forget I don’t already own.

I’m not a huge fan of complete silence when I’m reading for pleasure, hence the music playlist. I listened to some of my favorite albums of the moment during the first flight, but the second one was spent watching movies. Even if you don’t plan on listening to your own music, don’t forget your headphones! In-flight movies really help pass the time so you’ll want to take advantage of the amenity.

All in all, flights don’t have to be a total pain even if you’re like me and hate flying. While there isn’t much I can do about the length of the flight or the food they choose to offer, the 7 items above can at least make your experience more comfortable.

What essentials do you take to the airport?



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