The Style Challenge Wrapup + What You Can Learn From My Experience

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Capsule-Wardrobe-30-day-Challenge-9In case you missed it on Snapchat, Wednesday was the last day of my 30-day style challenge! As you should know by now, I spent the majority of March wearing the same 33 pieces and and shared my weekly struggles. Today I’m going to talk about the full month, what I learned, and what you can learn from my experience.

After wearing the same 33 pieces for 33 days, what did I realize?

  • I have a pretty good understanding of what I do and don’t like to wear.
  • For me, it’s more about having the freedom of choice and less about having a full wardrobe.
  • Some of the items I picked out were only worn twice, while others were on heavy rotation.
  • While I can do without necklaces and bracelets, earrings and rings are a must.
  • Having a small wardrobe selection completely diminishes the “what do I wear” problem, which in turn adds more free time to your morning.

Overall, I think the challenge was a great exercise for me to attempt during my journey to minimizing my life. While there are tons of ways to figure out what you do or don’t want to keep in your closet, picking a small selection and challenging yourself to wearing only those items is a fun learning experience. I previously talked about how to find your personal style, and this challenge will actually help you with that.

Now that the challenge is over, what’s next?

My goal with this challenge was to walk away with better clarity in terms of items to keep in my wardrobe, which I did. There were things I missed once I started to get halfway through the challenge, and those are the items I know are worth keeping. The clothing pieces I didn’t bat an eye to are the ones I know are merely taking up space in my closet, so they’ll be the first to go during my next closet cleaning.

Ultimately, I plan to have a spring clean out very soon to get rid of the clothing I didn’t miss during the 30-day challenge, and stock up on items that more appropriately align with my personal style.

What can you learn from my experience?

Let’s say you want to try out a 30, 60, or even 90-day challenge. What are some things to take away from my experience? Well, these are the things I’d tell you to keep in mind:

  • When selecting your 33 pieces, keep the bulk of your variety in the tops.
  • Limit your handbags to no more than 3, but ensure you have a size selection.
  • Don’t pick what you hope to wear. Pick what you like to wear.
  • Don’t quit early. The challenge gets a little tiring by the end of week 3, but push through.
  • Journal it! Keep a little notepad handy to document your discoveries as well as things you wish you included.
  • Have a goal and a plan going into it. What do you hope to gain out of the challenge? What actions are you going to take once it’s over?

And that’s a wrap for the 30-day style challenge! I hope you all enjoyed the daily outfit snaps, and be sure to tweet me if you decide to take on the challenge for yourself!

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