The Wardrobe Challenge | Week 3 Recap

After today, I’ll only have 9 more days left of this challenge! So how am I holding up? Well, I’m excited to get rid of the wardrobe restriction even though I don’t expect my day-to-day outfits to significantly change. I talked about a few challenges and thoughts I had during week 1 and week 2, but I only had one primary thought during week 3:

How can some people carry large handbags on a daily basis?

Capsule-Wardrobe-30-day-Challenge-7It’s funny (not really, because I still have 9 days left) that I knew I would miss having a smaller bag during this 30-day stint, yet I still decided against it. Most of my days are spent either carrying a cardholder or wearing a small crossbody. I generally carry large bags if I either plan to blog at a local coffee spot or I intend on being out for an extended period of time. Rather than focus on what I truly reach for, I decided to play it safe and pick one large bag. I wouldn’t say I’m totally regretting it since I like to carry a planner with me, but I at least wish I would have included two handbag options instead of thinking I could learn to adjust with just the large tote.

With the challenge quickly (not quickly enough) coming to an end, there’s just one more weekly recap left before I share my full thoughts on the challenge as a whole, as well as explore what you can learn from my 30-day experience.

Do you think you can last 30 days wearing just 33 pieces?