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Airport Fashion and Travel Style TipsTraveling is a task. I’ve never enjoyed flying, but it’s just not realistic or even possible to always drive to your destination. Even though I can’t completely eliminate the things that bother me about flying (like the lack of control), I have found a few ways to make the trip more comfortable and less of a chore. Today, we’re focusing on the style aspect and talking airport fashion.

3 Goal(s) Your Travel Style Should Accomplish

It’s pretty clear that style is a large part of my life. Even with mundane tasks like navigating my way through the TSA line, I want my style to feel true to self and appropriate to the setting. When it comes to traveling in style, everyone’s main goal usually includes one or more of the following:

  1. Making the airport security process as smooth as possible.
  2. Feeling comfortable for the full duration of the flight.
  3. Being adequately dressed just in case there’s downtime between landing and checking in to a hotel.*

*Sure, you can always head to a coffee shop bathroom and change into one of your packed outfits, but who wants to do that? Instead, master airport fashion by wearing a versatile outfit and save space in your suitcase!

Your Airport Outfit Style Guide

With the three goals above in mind, what do you want to wear to the airport? The short answer mirrors my style mantra:

Wear something that is comfortable and cute.

You never know who you could run into or how long you’ll be stuck there, so wear things that match and appropriately fit. Breaking down airport fashion piece by piece, here’s how to create a cute and practical outfit:

Travel-Friendly Tops

Keep the top lightweight and avoid heavy fabrics. The challenge with traveling is you never know if the plane will be hot or cold, so it’s best to prepare for both. Choose a lightweight top for the initial layer, and then carry a jacket (nothing too bulky) for added measure.

  • Sub_Urban Riot makes some of the most comfortable tees you will ever lay your chest on. Need some inspiration? One of my favorite Suburban Riot tees is this Good Vibes top previously featured in one of my favorite outfit posts.
  • The jacket will change based on the season, but I like to stick with a denim jacket for most occasions. It’s convenient to carry around, light enough to tie around your waist, and will almost always pair well with the remaining outfits in your luggage.
  • H&M and Forever 21 usually have great options for a lower price, but I’ve also spotted several cute styles at Topshop.

The Best Airport Bottoms 

Anyone who has ever known me knows that I will never be the person to cheer for casual leggings–even at the airport. What I will recommend instead are workout pants. These “leggings” are actually meant to be worn as pants, so they are thick enough to keep everything covered.

  • When at all possible, wear workout pants to the airport. You have to empty your pockets during the TSA check, so you might as well pick a bottom that forgoes pockets all together!
  • My favorite brands to grab quality workout pants from are VS Sport and Ivy Park. Target also carries a few gems for a lower price, but I would try them on prior to purchasing as some aren’t as comfortable.

Ideal Airport Shoes

When it comes to shoes in the airport, I would stick to a closed toe shoe. More specifically, stick with tennis shoes. Why? You don’t want to run into delays and have to trek from one end of the airport to the other in uncomfortable shoes.

Also, sneakers require socks and I’m all about not putting my bare foot on the public airport floor when going through security. I have done this in the past without thinking, and regret it every single time.

  • Athletic shoes are super trendy right now so you can find a lot of multipurpose styles from Adidas to Puma.
  • Personally, I’m more of a Nike girl and will always choose their shoe for my airport style.
  • If none of those brands sound appealing, you can never go wrong with the classic Converse.

Practical Travel Accessories

Keep accessories to a minimum when it comes to airport fashion.

  • If your ponytail or messy bun isn’t working out, a hat can quickly hide the bad hair day and finish your look. I recommend picking up a trendy cap from Forever 21 for traveling.
  • My must-have travel accessory is a cute pair of sunglasses. They’re the perfect add-on when you want to hide your tired eyes.
  • Quay Australia won me over back in 2015 because they were one of the only brands creating oversized aviators. If Quay isn’t your cup of tea, I have found a few stylish options at Urban Outfitters and Noughts & Kisses as well.

Airport Fashion and Travel Style TipsAirport Fashion Outfit Ideas

Ultimately, ask yourself this question when looking through your closet: What’s the most comfortable piece of clothing you own? Use that article of clothing as your starting point. From there, add a top (or bottom) that complements the piece. Then, put on shoes (that require socks if you can remember!) and add a layering piece just in case it gets cold.

For some added outfit inspiration, below are a few posts that have elements of travel style incorporated into the looks:

What airport fashion tips do you swear by?

Airport Fashion and Travel Style Tips

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  1. Sanniyah says:

    This travel outfit definitely looks comfortable and the mesh nike crop top is super cute!


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