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When you think of 2016 fashion trends, what are a few that come to mind? For me, it’s minimalism, athleisure, and an oversaturation of band merch. I’ve talked about which trends to ditch this year, so now it’s time to look ahead at the trends to come. What will be the standouts for this year? It’s too early to tell which ones will last for more than a season, but there are a few on the rise. Below are 5 fashion trends to start incorporating into your wardrobe:

5 Fashion Trends to Try in 2017

fashion trends of 20171. The Branded Tee

Fashion has come full circle with graphic tees, and since my style leans on the side of casual, I’ve taken part in them all. There was a wave of tees splashed with quirky takes on luxury brands in 2015, a renewed love of edgy music tees in 2016, and an appreciation for relatable statements on T-shirts sprinkled throughout the seasons.

In 2017, get ready to flash your favorite brand across your chest. Designers are now reverting back to the simplistic style of stamping the brand’s name across a basic T-shirt, and I am here for it. A plain v-neck can sometimes feel a little too bland. Swapping it out for a logo tee is an easy way to refresh your basics. A t-shirt can be dressed up or down by changing out jeans and sneakers for a skirt and heels, but look for tees with a classic color text for added versatility.

Shop the branded tee fashion trend:

Fashion Trends in 2017-12. Pink

Me? Talking about color? Yes, I know. I probably have 1-2 outfits featuring bright colors on the site, but facts are facts. More colors, specifically blush pink and vibrant red, will make its way out of the shadows in 2017. We all loved the ethereal blush tones that entered the scene in 2016, didn’t we? While they still remain, the vibrancy is also being turned up a notch this year.

If you like to wear earthy or greyscale colors, ease into the trend by purchasing a classic item in a bright color. I did this in previous years with a pink leather jacket and it was an easy way to wear more color. I don’t foresee my wardrobe being filled with every shade of the rainbow this year, but it could turn into a fun challenge to incorporate bright clothing into my closet without compromising my personal style.

Shop the pink fashion trend:

Stripes Fashion Trends3. Stripes

If you flinched at the thought of wearing colorful pieces, this next trend may reel you back in. Stripes are a fashion favorite and this year is no exception. A classic pattern like stripes is bound to have its time to shine even when it’s a wardrobe staple. Did you see how Janelle Monae served us stripe goddess during her promo tour for Hidden Figures? She can teach a course on mastering the art of maintaining personal style in a world of trends, but that’s a post for another day.

To all my fellow stripes lovers, it’s time to whip out your staples and remix them for the season. Play around with the trend by trying out multiple variations: pinstripes, vertical, horizontal, etc. Keep in mind that vertical stripes elongate and slim the body, so keep vertical stripes on the bottom and horizontal stripes on top as a general rule of thumb. Don’t forget the red lip for an instant boost!

Bonus tip: Master the art of mixing prints by adding a leopard or floral print to your striped outfit.

Shop the stripes fashion trend:

Fashion Trends in 20174. Romantic Pieces

Spring is a few months away, and with that comes the ethereal side of fashion. Romantic pieces are already making their way in stores and I anticipate more to come as we inch closer to March. Think floral print, ruffles, blousy tops, and lightweight fabrics. Romantic pieces aren’t just for festival fashion. Style a ruffled, floral blouse with a tailored trouser to incorporate the trend into your office style.

Overly romantic not quite your thing? You can still get in on this fashion trend and keep your personal style by picking up a pair of floral embroidered jeans. Embroidered denim adds flair and refreshes an otherwise simple staple. Bonus Tip: Embroidered jeans are extremely photogenic and will boost your Instagram feed.

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Shop the romantic fashion trend:

Fashion Trends - Backless Shoes and Mules5. Backless Shoes

Remember when mules were all the rage a few summers ago? While the buzz quieted down to a soft rumble at the time, the backless shoe was (and still is) a present fashion trend. Instead of staying within the confines of mules and boots, the backless shoe trend will expand into flats and loafers this year. Test out a smart and sophisticated outfit by pairing backless pointed loafers with a utilitarian cigarette pant.

This is a trend I am looking forward to because it’s low-maintenance and pairs well with my love of ankle pants. Isn’t it weird to think pants that showed your ankles were considered highwaters back in the day, yet now they’re stylish? Fashion trends have a funny way of making you reflect on things of the past. Truly, it’s all about how you style an outfit and how confidently you wear it.

Shop the backless shoes fashion trend:

Overall, I’m noticing that the fashion world is becoming more aware of a philosophy Venti Fashion is all about–you don’t have to compromise comfort for the sake of being stylish. Sure there are some moments where you may have to bring a pair of backup flats or lounge clothes, but it’s totally possible to find the balance between being comfortable and being in style. Personally, I love seeing the fashion world head in this direction.

Which of these fashion trends will make it to your wardrobe?

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