What International Women’s Day Means to Me

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Hi, I'm Chelsey

Happy Friday, everyone! Today’s post is a special one because it’s International Women’s Day and I’m taking a brief pause before I begin a fun-filled weekend at SXSW to share a bit about myself, the day, and why I love being a member of Style Collective.

international womens day

What I’m Wearing: Topshop denim jacket | Urban Outfitters dress | Converse sneakers  (P.S. See more about the white sneaker style staple here!)

How Venti Fashion Came to Life

So if you don’t know already, my name is Chelsey and I’m the creator of this lovely style site you’re reading. I have always had a creative bug in me, so blogging was just something I naturally began doing as a hobby and creative outlet back when social media wasn’t a thing and Blogger felt like a community of women just sharing an online journal of their makeup or fashion.

I started blogging as a way to share my makeup looks of the day back when I would wear colorful eyeshadow, and that quickly morphed into sharing my outfits as a college student. After graduating with a Business Management degree, I worked in retail for the first couple of years before transitioning to the financial industry. It was a total shift from being surrounded by clothes all the time to working in a corporate office, and this is where I started to pick up my blogging more regularly.

In recent years, I began shifting the mindset and goal of the blog and my content has become less about me sharing daily outfits and more about how I can help you find and improve your personal style.

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The Mission Statement

Venti Fashion is aimed at using fashion to uplift and inspire adult women so they feel confident and beautiful each day. The site provides practical tools, tips, and resources to help you discover your personal style so that you can maximize your existing wardrobe and learn how to incorporate trends without losing your own style.

The Goals I’ve Accomplished

Naturally, I am extremely humble so I have to admit that it is very difficult for me to even write this section. I’m sure there’s a deeper reason as to why that is, but with IWD, it’s important to highlight our successes! I think that humility is a great quality to have, but as women, we often feel a bit timid when sharing our goals. It’s time to end that! With that being said, these are a few personal goals of mine that I have accomplished with the blog:

  • Attended beauty and style conferences, pop-ups, and workshops.
  • Found a tribe of supportive creatives to collaborate and connect with.
  • Launched a YouTube channel to share fashion in motion and a peek into my life.
  • Worked with various beauty, fashion, and lifestyle brands to further enhance the content shared with my audience.
  • And, most recently, attended Austin Fashion Week!

how to style the lbd

What International Women’s Day Means to Me

For me, International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate the women in your life. It’s a time to pause and reflect so that you can thank those who have made an impact on your life.

As a creative, it means showing up to support fellow creatives. Simply leaving a heartfelt comment on their latest post, sending a message with an idea to collaborate, and getting together for a coffee date are just a few ways to show support. I know how lonely and discouraging the creative world can feel at times, so it’s important to show up for those who show up and support you. Celebrate their accomplishments and give them their flowers while they’re here!

International Women’s Day is a checkpoint of sorts to ask yourself, how have I supported and uplifted the women in my life?

international womens day

What Being a Member of Style Collective Mean to Me

For those of you who don’t know, Style Collective is an online community of women creatives. It contains a wealth of knowledge and resources to help content creators like myself achieve our creative goals. Being a member of Style Collective means having a supportive network to bounce ideas off of, even if you don’t have a local tribe in your area.

I love being a member because everyone is always open, honest, and willing to help. We ask content-related questions, plan fun events, attend virtual and in-person workshops, as well as make long-lasting friendship with others. Being a member is more than a self-serving act, it’s like having International Women’s Day every day.

black style bloggers in texas

What You May Not Know About Me

To end this post, I’ll share three fun facts about myself! I’m naturally a reserved and private person, so I know that it can be hard to get to know me during the early stages of friendship. Whether you’re a longtime reader of the site or you’re just now joining the style club, here are a few fun facts you may (or may not) know about me:

  • I know how to play the clarinet, and I was once extremely good at it. I’d imagine my talent is still there today, but I haven’t played in several years.
  • Despite being raised in Texas, I was born in Louisiana. I would love to go back and visit because I was too young to remember anything about the state when I lived there.
  • I am very much into astrology, psychology, and all things related to knowing oneself and how the mind works.

Now, it’s your turn! What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

Read more from some of the lovely members of Style Collective here!

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  1. Annie says:

    I loved reading your post and can completely relate to being humble. I don’t like to brag on my accomplishments either, but force myself to put them out there when it’s appropriate! Thanks for joining our link-up party and for being part of SC!! xo

    • Chelsey says:

      Thank you, Annie! I think it’s something we naturally do as women, but it’s important to celebrate our accomplishments and be proud!


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