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spring trends for the 2018 seasonIt’s the first day of March! Naturally, my mind is fully in Spring mode now. I’ve been shopping around the past few weeks looking for a few pieces to add to my wardrobe this season. A lot of things I purchased last year will still make it into my outfits this year, but I still wanted to browse the web and see what’s out there.

Slowly but surely, Spring is becoming my favorite fashion season. I know we all typically love fall fashion because we’re so worn out from the heat by the time summer finally ends, but can we take a moment to appreciate spring? The color palette, the timeless prints, the optional light layers…what’s not to love! There are 5 trends in particular–most of which are pretty routine for Spring–that I have my eye on this season. If you’re prepping for the season and looking for inspiration, shop my picks below!

5 Trends to Wear this Spring


Stripes are a year-round staple for me, but I particularly love the look of them in the spring. A striped blouse paired with light wash denim shorts makes for an ideal casual outfit. I typically love a horizontally striped top, but this year I’m a bit more interested in vertical.

Not only do they lengthen your torso, but I find vertical stripes to look more polished. I recently purchased a yellow striped top from Nordstrom to take me from work to weekend that is literally called the perfect shirt, but I hope to find a red one as well.


To be totally honest, I’m getting a bit bored with skinny jeans. They are absolutely a closet staple and I don’t see myself ever quitting them completely, but I’m still itching for a bit of variety. Needless to say, it looks as if the fashion world has slowly started adding more options over the past few years.

Now that the stores I shop at are picking up on the transition, I am on the hunt for trousers! Actually, any flowy pant is on my list! WhoWhatWear had a gorgeous striped option in their Target collection, and New York & Company also has beautiful options, but neither was ideal for the shorter customer. I found a few at Topshop last year for work, so I’m hoping I’ll have luck again.

Floral Print

No, floral is not exactly a groundbreaking trend. Truthfully, I wouldn’t necessarily consider floral print as a trend nowadays. It’s more of a timeless print, but it definitely gets more love during Spring. I was all over floral print last year so I’m pretty much covered in that department for my wardrobe. That being said, the one area I’m still lacking is in the dress department.

This Spring, I have floral print dresses on my mind so I’m hoping I can find a few nice options pretty soon. Zara had a beautiful floral print maxi dress that was nice enough to wear both in and outside of work, but I didn’t purchase it. You know those pieces that you just have to sleep on and decide if you’ll get enough wear out of it to justify the price? That’s how the Zara dress is for me. Since we haven’t entered Spring yet, I’m holding out to see what other options I have.

Polka Dots

Much like stripes, polka dots instantly put a smile on my face. It’s such a youthful print that it only makes sense to feature it heavily within a spring wardrobe. I haven’t purchased this trend yet, but I’ve seen a few options at Topshop.

If you’re on the fence about polka dots, I recommend starting small with a cotton polka dot top paired underneath an outer layer like a blazer or denim jacket.


This last trend on my wishlist is likely due to all the cloudy weather we had during February. Lately, I’ve been wearing a lot of color to work and I notice my coworkers are all doing the same. I’m guessing we’re all tired of the gloom and thought adding color to our wardrobes would brighten up the place!

My preferred color of choice right now is yellow. Specifically, a rustic or golden yellow as opposed to highlighter yellow. The earthy undertones make brown skin pop and it’s totally wearable without looking over the top bright. I mentioned the yellow striped blouse from Nordstrom earlier, but I also have been loving my yellow duster featured in a recent outfit post. Even though it’s a longsleeved layer, I fully intend on wearing it through Spring until the heat convinces me otherwise.

Bonus: Off-the-shoulder tops aren’t mentioned in my top 5, but they, of course, get an honorable mention! I lived in OTS tops last spring/summer and I fully intend on wearing the same tops this season!

Those are my picks for spring trends this year. Now, it’s your turn! Let me know which trend is on your wishlist!

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