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Why is it so interesting to see how other girls do something, or what other girls have? Maybe it’s just me, but I always like to see how someone else’s routine varies from my own. This probably explains why “What’s in my Bag” and “Foundation Routine” videos/posts are some of my favorite topics to watch on YouTube or read on a blog. They also tend to showcase the person’s personality more, which is always nice. I’ve featured a what’s in my bag post previously when I made the investment purchase that I’m now not quite sure I want to keep–more on that later. Since my daily bag has switched with the seasons, it’s time to update what I keep inside.

Fellow fashion lovers, do you remember the Elizabeth & James spotted bucket bag that was all over the internet and later seen on Khloe Kardashian? Let me tell you, I wanted that bag for the better part of a year after passing by it in Neiman Marcus. For some reason I couldn’t bring myself to splurge on it…maybe because it’s not exactly a classic design, so I instead began the hunt for a cheaper alternative. It didn’t necessarily have to have a print, but it did have to come in the bucket bag shape. Fast forward to 9 or 10 months later when I wasn’t looking for a bag, and in comes this beauty. In general, I like animal print accessories more than animal print clothing, so it’s somewhat surprising I didn’t own a leopard bag prior to this purchase. I spotted the bag as soon as I walked into DSW Shoes, with the intent of finding a few heels for work. The bold print caught my eye initially, and then the shape of the bag further piqued my interest. Upon closer inspection, I noticed the brand was (Steven by) Steve Madden, which was good for two reasons:

  1. It’s one of my favorite brands–usually for shoes.
  2. It meant the price would be affordable but the quality would be great.

Once I opened it up and discovered the beautiful red lining, I was sold. I’ve had this bag for one or two months now, and have already surpassed my ROI (return on investment).
Steve Madden Leopard Bag-6 Steve Madden Leopard Bag-3 Steve Madden Leopard Bag-4

Overall, I’ve been carrying the following inside my bag:

1. Sketch Book and Colored Pencils

I go through phases with sketching, and our status is currently on again. I’m inspired by intricate fashion drawings, so I’m currently on a “drawing-a-day” challenge to improve and fine-tune my art skills.

2. Daily Agenda and Pen

Pretty self-explanatory, but I am a stickler for organization. Not in the sense that I’ll go crazy if you enter my house and move a cup out of place, but in the sense that I need to mentally organize all the tasks I need to do for the day/week/month or I’ll inevitably forget at least one important appointment. I can’t get into the electronic planners, so I stick with the ancient act of physically writing things down.

3. Phone

Also self-explanatory, I have to keep my phone around when I’m out and about. I currently have the iPhone 5s in gold. It’s important to stay connected because of my blog, but I make a conscious effort not to use my phone too much when I’m being social. (I find that to be a rude habit people my age and younger have.) I may do a post going over my most-used apps, and/or discuss how I edit my Instagram photos, since I have quite a few people so kindly complimenting the way my photos look.

4. Wallet

To be honest, I don’t like carrying a wallet. It feels so cluttered for some reason, which I know doesn’t make sense since everything is organized within a wallet. I prefer keeping my bank cards in the inside zipper pocket that all bags have, but they eventually get scattered as I use them. For that reason and that reason only, I’m also making the effort to use my wallet.

5. Sunglasses

I find the sun to be too bright if I’m not wearing any shades. I think my eyes have become more sensitive to light over time, so sunglasses on hand is a must. I have a haul post going into detail about this particular pair, which you can check out here.

6. Food & Water Bottle

Because of my overall healthy eating habits, I drink a lot of water and eat frequently. Just in case I’m out for longer than I intend to be, I always like to keep a snack and bottle of water on hand.

7. Lip Gloss & Mirror

I’ve tried to keep a makeup bag in my actual bag so many times, yet it never works. I’m just not that girl who touches up and reapplies her makeup throughout the day. I’ve decided to accept that fact and just carry what I use: lip gloss. I was feeling fancy the day I bought NARS lip gloss, as there’s no other way to justify spending more than a few dollars on this type of makeup product, but I must admit I’ve become a huge fan. I want to do a more detailed review on their glosses, so for now I’ll just say they remind me of a semi-sheer liquid lipstick.  And of course, I have to keep a mirror to see what I’m applying.

Now that I’ve shared what’s currently in my bag, I want to know: What do you keep in yours?

Steve Madden Leopard Bag-2

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  1. Romy VH says:

    LOVE the bag. And I’m in love with these kind of posts, too! xo Romy


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