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Happy Thursday! It’s been a while since I shared a fun, lifestyle post with you all. I love branching out and exploring lifestyle topics, so today we’re covering how you can have a more enjoyable summer! As you saw from the summer style guide, I spent my birthday weekend enjoying a little staycation with friends and family! While we’d all love to travel the world and take the entire season off, it’s just not realistic as a working adult. The good part is, you don’t have to travel far (or at all) to have a fun summer! Below are just a few things you can do with friends, family, or by yourself this season!

how to have fun in the summer

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7 Tips for a More Enjoyable Summer

1. Hang poolside with friends.

Look, we aren’t all blessed with beautiful beaches and breezy weather in the summer. The beach that’s closest to me certainly pales in comparison to Hawaii, and sometimes you just want to lay out by a pool instead. If one of your friends lives in an apartment complex with a nice pool, take advantage! Pick a date to meet up and bring light snacks like fruit, popcorn, and Topo Chico to keep your friends hydrated while hanging out by the pool. My friends and I did this last summer and ended up laying out for most of the afternoon. It’s a super relaxing (and free!) way to enjoy the taste of summer while catching up on a little social life.

No complex? No problem! If no one in your friend group lives in an apartment or house with a pool, you can also lounge out at hotels! Make an entire day out of it and explore all of the amenities a hotel has to offer.

poolside outfit ideas

2. Take a quick road trip to a neighboring city.

Visiting a neighboring city is one of my favorite things to do, especially in the summer. Over the weekend, this is the option my friends and I decided to take part in by heading up north to Austin. I’m sure a lot of you live in a smaller state that I do so you can more than likely head to a nearby city in less time, so why not take advantage? Planning a mini day trip with your friends (or even going solo) can be a fun way to leave your town without incurring the travel expenses brought on by flights. Check out some of the local restaurants and boutiques in the area to really get a feel for all the city has to offer.

P.S. If you also happen to be in Texas and want to head to Austin, check out the post that DeAnna wrote covering some of the activities you can do while you’re there!

how to get the most out of summer

3. Be a local tourist.

If you don’t want to leave the city, become a local tourist! We get so wrapped up in our day to day lives that sometimes you don’t have a chance to just explore where you live! On your next day off when you don’t want to travel too far, try exploring a different side of town and eating at a new restaurant or taking pictures of nature! Jon and I have started venturing out on the weekends to new coffee shops around town and it’s been a lot of fun stepping outside of our usual places!

4. Enjoy brunch outdoors or a rooftop dinner.

Millennials love brunch! Point me to a brunch spot with patio seating and you will instantly become my favorite person. There’s something so intimate and disarming about sharing a meal with someone, so grab your favorite people and head to a morning brunch! Soak up the sun while eating good food by requesting outdoor seating. Unless the weather is bad, I always prefer to eat outdoors.

If your friends aren’t morning people, I recommend trying out drinks and dinner at a rooftop venue. Most restaurants in the downtown area have rooftop seating, so plan a dinner date with your friends when it’s close to sunset for a beautiful view.

how to have fun in the summer

5. Check out a small music venue.

Music festivals are a lot of fun, but I can see how they aren’t for everyone. You’re outside for most of the day, you’re trying to stay hydrated, and the crowds are on another level. If you enjoy the music scene but can’t quite justify the festival experience, make the most out of your summer by heading to a show in a small venue.

Personally, I prefer small venus over large stadium events because the energy feels more authentic. The summertime is the perfect season to check out smaller shows and stay cool indoors. If you have no idea what bands are in town, my favorite app to use for identifying nearby concerts is Bandsintown! It connects to your Spotify playlist to automatically tell you what artists you listen to are on tour, so definitely download it if you want to check out a few concerts this season!

how to have fun in the summer

6. Have a family fun day indoors.

Most of the options I shared have been outdoors because it’s summertime, but what about if it’s too hot? I live in Texas, so I get it! When you want a break from the heat, get the most out of your summer by spending a day with your family indoors! You can kick back at home and play board games, head to a bowling alley, or simply see a fun summer movie at the theater!

7. Take a hike.

Of course, you can also be one with nature when the sun is out by going on a hike! You don’t have to live in Los Angeles to go on a morning hike! Cities typically have guided running trails for you to explore if you’re a beginner, but I still recommend going with a friend! There are all kinds of critters out in the summertime, so you want to be safe and take a partner with you (and a water bottle) when you want to go on a hike!

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What are some things you like to do in the summer?

Be sure to check out DeAnna’s blog post and Jon’s vlog covering even more content from our staycation!

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