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It’s style staple time! After the last lengthy post, I thought it would be a good time to keep it simple. Today’s outfit is stripping down to the basics and talking about a staple every fashion lover owns: the striped tee. Before getting into the staple, make sure you’re all caught up with the series! We have just 2 more staples to cover before wrapping up the series at the end of the year!

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The Style Staple Series (thus far)

styling the striped tee

What I’m Wearing: Madewell tee | Topshop jeans | Converse sneakers | Diff sunglasses | Jenny Bird earrings

How to Incorporate a Striped Tee in Your Wardrobe

Whether you’re looking to boost your style or create a capsule wardrobe, a striped tee is an absolute must-have. Graphic tees dress down an outfit, but a striped tee is the perfect casually cute option. Striped tees are a dime a dozen, but the best option to incorporate in your wardrobe is the classic horizontal striped tee. A white tee with horizontal black stripes is the timeless version because of its versatility.

I was visiting family and just hanging out at home when I wore my striped tee, so I kept the look as simple as possible: striped tee, black skinny jeans, and sneakers. To add a little something extra, I would have added a denim jacket and thrown on a red lip for a complete outfit. This simple combination is just one way you can incorporate the striped tee in your wardrobe, but below are a few additional outfit ideas:

  • For the office: Toss a semi-fitted blazer over a striped tee and wear the look with a pair of cigarette pants.
  • For the weekend: Tuck a striped tee into a trendy pleated skirt and throw on a pair of ankle boots.
  • For every day: Make the striped tee athleisure by styling it with fashion joggers and a pair of your favorite sneakers.

 the striped tee

Where to Find the Best Striped Tees

I’ll admit, finding the perfect striped tee can be a bit of a challenge. If you’re anything like me, you are extremely picky when it comes to t-shirts. Between the stripe width, the fabric of the shirt, the neckline, and so much more, finding your go-to tee requires a bit of trial and error. Personally, I prefer striped tees that have a slimmer stripe at a lower frequency, as shown on the Madewell shirt I’m wearing. I’m not opposed to other varieties, but I find that this option is the most versatile and timeless.

If you’re looking for a good striped tee, I have had success at Zara, Topshop, and Madewell. I’ve also curated a selection below to help get you started!

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